Pro-life Christian ob/gyns & other physicians

believe that life starts at fertilization.

They believe abortion should not be performed for any reason, and that includes cases of rape, incest, and all poor prenatal diagnoses such as abnormal prenatal testing (such as Down’s syndrome or anencephaly) and all other poor prenatal diagnoses or selective reduction or IVF selective reduction, or anything regarding the taking of a child’s life with IVF. They also do not refer for abortion.

  • If in the rare case a mother’s life is endangered by continuation of her pregnancy, appropriate clinical intervention should guide treatment to make every effort to save both lives.
  • They will accept a patient at 3rd trimester with a prenatal diagnosis whose prior doctor said not to carry to term.
  • This includes early inducement of delivery when the child in the womb has a disease or condition but the mother’s life is not in danger.
  • If the baby’s heartbeat is in distress while the baby is being born whether healthy or sick the doctor must resuscitate the child.
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