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A physician like Dr. Mildred Jefferson

Claiming to be pro life yet getting mixed up with the pro abortion people’s defintion of us

Being an Obgyn who is truly pro life is a gift and they are an advocate and their office in so many ways is a pregnancy resource center.  Physicians are to be advocates because if we say we love Jesus then they aren’t disobeying the medical profession by sharing His heart. If doctors, who say they are “pro life”, refer a scared teen girl to get an abortion then they have believed a lie thinking that “pro life” is referring a young girl for an abortion because “you aren’t doing the abortion” yet your reference to the abortion clinic makes you as responsible as the abortionist.
Every doctor has a unique gifting and power to change a person’s life for the worst or the better.  Although abortion is considered a moral & controversial issue I ask that as you contemplate the morality or ethical concerns within your field I ask that you make the issue of the intentional killing of life your greatest concern in your field. It is not merely considering the preborn another “potential” life but your patient.  There are greater ethical concerns in OBGYN but abortion as this is the leading ethical issue in your field. considered morally alright I ask that you reconsider the role and view that you take on such a controversially topic.
If you are confused about abortion and your view or if you dislike abortion but believe “it is a omens right for her to choose and for you to let her” please know that this is not a right of a women as abortion harms women’s souls and as you as a doctor excited about how the female reproduction occurs I ask that you support this process through an pre born baby being able to live by you choose to advocate for a life “for such a time is this.”

D&C for a Miscarriage

Dilation and Curettage (D&C)

A D&C for a miscarriage

Just in the past two days, I have been pondering and deeply grieved over this thought that maybe there are miscarriages that are misdiagnosed.  I have cried thinking that medicine may actually be doing D&Cs on live children whose parents were told that they miscarried.  I have deeply struggled with the medical field doing D&Cs.  All of these thoughts and emotions are always flooding my heart in these days and I can’t but not cry and feel frustrated.  I am frustrated because I feel the more I think about the OBGYN field, the more my heart feel heartbroken, as I type my eyes are full of tears because this field is taught to take lives in every every every situation.  I have had this awful feeling that indeed abortions are happening on children who are given a misdiagnoses with no heartbeat.


Why would I have such an odd thought if I have no proof with multiple stories? I have heard many stories of children who doctors say are miscarrying or who have and they are born alive. I believe that women and medicine are being taught and told lies. I believe this proves that sometimes medicine devalues and dehumanizes the preborn in the womb.

I also grieve when there are children who live after a miscarriage and the doctor does NOTHING to give them medical care.  If the child is not far enough along to “technically” give medical care to why doesn’t medicine come up with NEW medical advancements?????

Extremely odd, as I googled miscarriages and D&Cs, I came across this site which seemed to affirm my concerns. God seems to confirm that these thoughts such as believing that genetic testing is eugenic to this thought which I have never been told through any article is potentially proven to be correct as I at least find 1 site for both concerns that have affirmed my concerns, but I am NOT saying I am right just thinking out loud.

I want you to know that every day and every night I cry and pray and pray and pray and weep over the OBGYN field and how they are taught to devalue the littlest ones even through a “miscarriage” and how they are taught in the most evil, eugenic ways and they don’t even know this.  I mean that doctors are misdiagnosing miscarriages not knowing it and maybe preforming a D&C on a live child.  Please forgive my detailed thoughts but I am just so sad……………….. SO odd… as I googled photos of miscarriage D&Cs, I couldn’t find many photos after a D&C yet one of the few photos I found, which was odd are the photos I found of a D&C were women’s reproductive systems and not of a D&C.Do you know why? I bet because these children look so harmed that medicine knows they would be busted if they showed how the child looked afterwards.

Photo Credited:https://www.obgynecologistnyc.com/procedures/dilation-and-curettage-dc/



Chickeneggpics is an organization designed to teach medical students around the US about the “benefits” of abortion.  They have multiple films talking about the “hard work” that abortion workers had to keep doing in their own office after abortionist George Tiller died.  The site says that these workers know that abortion is murder yet they keep working there for the women.  Those workers are so deceived and my heart hurts for them as they could be the people standing up for women but yet they are suppressed by that lie. Pray for them. God desires to see them understand truly that loving women is walking along side them in their pregnancy, not ending their child’s existence.

This site also has a video called BEAUTIFUL SIN featuring three women who aren’t able to go through the IVF process in El Salvador because it is banned. Even though IVF sounds great, it is extremely destructive. More children are harmed in IVF than are even born. El Salvador does it right!

Chickeneggspic, site is about teaching medical students about why abortion is “good.” Their organization partnered with Medical Students for Choice.

Never give up hope


It was a routine appointment, I was 10 weeks pregnant and very excited to hopefully hear the heartbeat of my baby with the Doppler. I had my 4 year old with me. My doctor who I loved dearly said “I can’t seem to get the heartbeat, it might be the position of the baby, you can either come back tomorrow and we will try again, or we can do an ultrasound to see the heartbeat”. I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep, worrying about why she couldn’t find the heartbeat so I immediately took the offer for an ultrasound. I went into another room with my four year old to have the ultrasound. As soon as the ultrasound technician begin looking I could tell something was wrong, but she wouldn’t tell me anything, she continued to look and take measurements, then said she needed the doctor to come look. When my doctor came in she asked if it would be alright for my 4 year old to wait with the receptionist while she talked to me. I said yes, and please tell me what is wrong.
My doctor said she was very sorry but my baby had severe abnormalities and would not have any quality of life. Then she said, we can schedule you for a D and C. Wait, does my baby have a heartbeat I asked? Yes she answered but quickly followed up with we think she has spina bifida. There was bulging on the spine at the base of the neck and other abnormalities.
I asked if she could please give me the number of a specialist that I could see. She was able to get me an appointment with a perinatologist at 8:00 am the next morning.
As soon as I left that appointment, I called my husband, who left work and met me at home, and then I called my priest, he came to our house that evening, and prayed with us. He shared with me that he had a special needs sibling, and that is one of the reasons he became a priest. He explained how her special needs changed their perspective, and what other people viewed as a burden, or hardship, his family drew closer and saw the love and joy that came from this special child. He said it is not easy, but God will put people in your life that will help you every step of the way. I will never forget those words, and it felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. It was no longer a decision I had to make, to terminate the pregnancy, but asking God to give me the wisdom to understand His will for this special Child, and to give me the strength to do His Will in caring for this Child.
The next morning we meet with the perinatologist who did the 3D ultrasound (This was a big deal 20 years ago). My child was diagnosed with Cystic Hygroma. She had a bulge at the base of her neck, that was filled with fluids, and I was told there could be facial deformities, and blocked airway, and that she could die in utero, or shortly after birth. The more news I got, the worst everything seem to be.
I had so much advise given to me from well meaning family and friends, many encouraged me to end the pregnancy. But I also heard so many “miracle stories”. And even with the special needs and challenges I heard hope from the moms that chose life.
Through out my pregnancy I saw the specialist who did repeated ultrasounds. More bad news, more complications, but at 16 weeks, the bulge began to get smaller. The doctor said they could not tell how much facial damage had been done.
On January 16, 1998 I gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby girl, not only could she breathe on her own, she scored a 10 on her Apgar!
Doctors don’t know everything, but God does. He has a plan and a purpose for each and every life he creates. It may not be our plan, it is a better plan, we can pray for the strength and courage to see His plan come to fruition. With God anything is possible. Don’t ever lose hope. Remember “God will put people in your life to help you every step of the way. “ Looking back over the last 20 years, that is the best advice anyone has ever given me. It’s so true, and I have been so blessed with wonderful, faith filled, hope filled friends, that have felt the presence and power of God in their lives, and help share truth when life gets difficult. Hope – its a beautiful thing!

Frozen “Children”- 9-year old me at a shower


When I was 9 years old I was at a baby shower.  They had this game where there were plastic babies frozen in ice cubs and we all had to find a way to unfreeze them.  I ended up putting them under hot water and I won the competition.  Now I am not writing for bragging rights,;) wink! but I’m writing because it made me laugh as God brought to mind recently that He allowed me to learn about “frozen children” at a very young age. I just had to share.:)

Photo Credited: https://www.target.com/c/baby-shower-party-supplies/-/N-4soei

How to reach the world? How to make a pro life society? One doctor at a time!

How does one reach the OBGYN field, MFM and IVF fields who are for abortion?  As I admire and have joy that there are many pro life (truly 100%) OBGYNs and believers, my heart is consumed and giddy that women and their littles are treated well.  I stop for 1 second and can only focus on the OBGYNs that do love Jesus and see this perfect OBGYN community of doctors who make Him shine.  Yet I go back to the thought process of contemplating how He will reach all the other OBGYNs and not that I have wondered how but more so contemplating when it will all happen.


In my heart a dream that is not of my own has been to be able to talk with OBGYNs person to person or in a group setting about the issues in the OBGYN community with ACOG, IVF and much much much more even miscarriages and connections that may lead to abortion.  My spirit grieves for the field but I feel much hope.  All I want to do in this life is see Him take the passion that He has burst in my heart and share it with the medical field.  If I could have that, I would have the world in my hands.  The world lies in the hands of OBGYNs and that is why I say this.:) I would love to talk about how OBGYNs maybe could handle situations with a young girl who wants an abortion and talking through what to say etc.  I think that sometimes there are OBGYNS who LOVE JESUS A LOT but since ACOG never wants anything pro life talked about and the OBGYNs are in a secular world, they do not know about different things in the pro life world and I want to talk to them about that! How to make a pro life medical community and society? One doctor at a time!

I believe with all my heart that OBGYNs are the counselors and their office is a PRC.:) I think it is so important for the world to realize that if the medical field would use their gifting for respecting the dignity and sanctity of human life, the world would be a better place.  I feel like the pro life movement is like a house and in this movement there are many doors that pro lifers can walk through.  They can walk through the “teen pregnancy PRC” door, the “hard cases” door, the role as a PRC worker, exposing PP but the door that hasn’t been explored by many is the medical field.  I mean the OBGYNs to the IVF doctors to the MFMs.:) I feel that Jesus has led me to do this and I can’t contain my joy!


Keep SHINING His Light Dear OBGYNs who love Jesus!!!!!!:)

The power of Yes

Did you know that over 90% of children who have DS are not here on this earth?? Did you know that their lives were targeted??

90% of children are not alive today because they had DS….. can you believe this! I cannot…..

Sunflower Mae Lara is a young girl who has DS and had a beautiful birth mother who made an adoption plan.


I want to pause for one second and think about this birth mom. I do not know her but I know that she is a magnificent woman. You are strong, powerful, loving, caring, empowering, liberating and courageous! The abortion movement never (and they purposely so) mention the strength of you a mother who made an adoption plan but your stories are the greatest show of Christ’s love. Birth mother, your sacrifice reminds me of the Father. The Father sacrificed His own Son’s life for us. You birth mother are a hero!! May your story be heard from every rooftop! Jesus wants us to be His children. This is another great example of adoption! Sunflower’s mom saw the true worth of her daughter when so often most can buy into the belief that harm is healing but this mother knew that her daughter has worth.  If you are a woman in crisis considering abortion know there is hope and adoption is the greatest blessing and gift and sacrificial blessing you could ever give to your child/children ( how many you are carrying) and also to yourself.  You see the world wants to lie and say that abortion doesn’t harm but it does because it hurts every intrinsic desire in a woman to care and nurture her child. It harms the life…..90% of children with downs syndrome are aborted…….


Now on to adoptive parents, you are strong!! You are loving, you are empowering not only Sunflower’s bio mom to have the reassurance that Sunflower has a great adopted family as well as empowering Sunflower but you are also empowering other women and their children through showing the beauty of adoption! When who make an adoption plan are often not spoken about in our society but you have brought even more understanding to our culture of the beauty of adoption! You are heroes!!! You are treasures! You bring hope and peace and reassurance! You bring joy! You bring opportunities for Sunflower to know Jesus and for her to know how amazing not only our Lord is but for her to have a biological mother who loves her SO dearly and for her to have adoptive parents that love her SO dearly as well!


Thank YOU Sunflower’s biological mother AND the adoptive parents, Andy and Mercedes for bringing His SONSHINE(through the biological mom) and his continual SONSHINE through Andy and Merecedes into the world through this beautiful girl!:)



Every Chromosome

Every chromosome makes us who we are but not every chromosome fills us with joy.  IF we only had another chromosome the world would be filled with joy.

Every time I meet a person with DS there is a joy that exudes from their soul that is not just “feeling” happy but a pure joy.  Why can’t the rest of our world have this joy? Why can’t they see the joy and beauty in all life and embrace every opportunity? Why is it as if most people are so negative and focused on themselves? Why have we stolen His Joy from our world? How have we stolen this peace that society looks for? We have taken our own children away believing it will heal our situation.  We have no peace also because children with DS have His peace and we have taken the lives of over 90% of these children.   It is so odd to me that doctors are taught that sick children or unwanted children or children who have a chromosomal difference are seen as burdens which is the exact contrary of who they are.  I believe that society does not want to face His joy and His peace despite grieving sick children and so society takes the road that will actually cause sorrow and not joy and they end the lives of babies.


We have lost our joy and peace because we have taken it away in the name of medicine.

An OBGYN/abortionist’s frightening view towards pregnant women

I would like you all to really consider reading this article. It is a very concerning view that this OBGYN has not only toward your unborn child but you as women. As I share this article please do not have sinful angry but please pray for her!






If the Patient could speak

If the patient in a coma could speak, what would that patient ask the doctor to do for their life? They would ask the doctor to fight for their life. America though saying they are the leading nation in healthcare also states that harm is healthcare. What I believe is that our country who claims to be the leading nation in healthcare is actually the most dangerous place to be.

The odd thing to me is that ACOG treats a child in another location, the womb, as almost an inconvenience and bother.  Medicine has gotten to the point not just in the past 15 years but beyond this day in which they are not blind to the sickness of the people. Yet, they are at the core believing that they can decide who to fight for and who to let die. No matter the degrees of a PHD or MD or FACOG that a doctor may hold, these degrees do not qualify or  exceed the qualifications of Our Messiah Jesus who formed US ALL!:)


If any patient is in a critical situation in which they can’t speak for themselves, physicians  would fight for their lives because they would know that the patient wanted to be fought for. Every physician would be their advocate. The tide shifts when it comes to the preborn child.  There is a view that a child who is sick in the womb, if having a voice, would be expected to say they do not want to live yet the child who is in the NICU,  is expected to want to live and therefore the physicians therefore see the need to fight for their life on “most” occasions because they can see the child now that the child is outside of the mother’s womb.  Every person who is sick would say they want to live and be fought for and yet this is not said about the preborn child.  Medicine acts as if the child in the womb would not want to live and that that preborn child has no value.  Why is this?

I have always found it curious the amount of families who were told to abort after A. having prenatal testing and B. finding out their child was sick, and so I went on a hunt to prove that prenatal testing was eugenically based. Well someone had that same thought process and by God’s providence I found the article. I think society is dancing on a line and slowly embracing and justifying euthanasia for the young children also outside the womb.  Think about baby Charlie or this other young child who is going through a similar situation right now as we speak.  It is sad that medicine is taught to believe that the greatest way to “help” someone is to harm them.  The medical field has much power and I feel that it has been used to harm and not heal the most vulnerable because medicine has been the leader in the eugenics movement for all evils.  They are the ones who are taught the lies and buy into them. The Bible talks about in Isaiah how evil will be called good and good will be called evil.  That is happening in our day and age in the medical field calling harm healthcare.


In regard to the child given a poor in utero diagnosis, this argument that is stating that the child would have a poor quality of life who is supposedly sick and so justifying abortion is not an argument based on the child and what they would want. Someone’s health status does not define a person’s value nor minimize a person’s value yet the medical field so often makes value judgments on the sick baby inside the womb.  The medical field not only plays God by assigning value to the preborn child based on health status but strips the preborn child of the right to continuing his/her own life based on these value judgments.

Society often says that we must fight for the weakest among us yet they deny our most helpless Americans their intrinsic right which is the right to their very continuation of their lives.

My mom would say that when she taught preschool that she and the other teachers would use a simple phrase to help the little children understand how to be kind human beings as they would say, “Please use helping hands, not hurting hands.”  This is a life lesson that so many physicians who suggest abortion have forgotten as they participate in the ending of a human life.  If at a young age, our youth, rightly so, are being taught the value of helping and not hurting, why in the name of higher education and “healthcare” are our ob/gyns being taught that hurting hands (ending of human life-abortion) would ever be called healthcare.