All Life is a treasured gift even when unexpected or sick:)

My friend shared this story with me, “I took a city tour in Buenos Aires. I had a very friendly taxi driver and we talked most of the day (I used my very broken Spanish). At one point, we started talking about abortion (it is illegal in Argentina). I mentioned the Down Syndrome statistics (a high percentage of babies who have Down Syndrome are aborted in the US). He expressed his sadness with me on that subject. Then, he told me that when he was a baby, his mother nursed him and a neighbor baby boy who had Down Syndrome. The neighbor had adopted him and was unable to nurse him. He grew up with the boy and now the man (who must be 50ish) lives in the same house down the street from the driver and my driver’s children call him an affectionate term for “uncle” in Spanish.

Random story, but I thought it was too beautiful not to share. It’s amazing to hear stories of genuine kindness around the world.❤️”

IVF-untold truths

    In our society, IVF is considered to be the greatest gift for families who are struggling with infertility.  IVF provides families who cannot conceive on their own with a child.  IVF  is touted as the solution for those that struggle with infertility to have a new found hope of having a child.  This is what our society proclaims about IVF yet many look at the end result without knowing the hidden facts about the process. Each IVF cycle is different and in each cycle there are a different amount of embryos made depending on the situation. These children are seen as “potential humans/persons” to I think many families who do a few unethical aspects in  IVF and I think they do not see these embryos as their children but as “potential” humans. That is where I think the problems comes down to.
In some IVF cycles there are more babies made through the fertilizing process than born. There can be up to 15 embryos made.  As an example they may take up to 10 babies through a test tube and if they “supposedly” have genetic defects, they kill them.   A former IVF doctor shared that often when children have identified genetic defects early on in the test tube that often the children grow out of these defects.  There is an intrinsic devaluing in life.  Then the other 4 babies are killed by being flushed down a drain in the sink.  Then we have 6 babies left as an example.
Now these parents are told they have “options” for their “left over embryos” such as one can freeze embryos for later use or one can can donate them to science to see “what causes miscarriages” in babies or one can donate them to put them up for adoption.
Freezing a child for later use can cause a mindset of viewing the child as property rather than as a person.  Live Action shared about a speech that Dr. Caruso( a former IVF doctor) did for Pro-Life Action League, “Caruso states that back then they would take early embryos and implant them, but that technology and treatments kept advancing and therefore embryos would end up being frozen at later and later stages of development. “As this was happening, we were beginning to leave these embyros in culture longer and longer,” he said. “[…] we focused on the babies. […] We never really thought much beyond that.” Dr. Caruso said that the children through IVF are considered “manufactured goods.”  Freezing a child for later use will just cause a child who could have a family to live in limbo and to cause you to keep paying for storage for this child that you may never allow to be born.  Our personhood from fertilization is lost through IVF. If you are contemplating keeping your embryos in storage for no purpose that, is harmful as this embryo needs a family and you are responsible to care for this child as much as the child you are not paying for storage.  You must see this embryo as your child and therefore not keep him or her in storage for no purpose but the cost to keep this child in storage annually is not a trade off for the gift of a priceless child being given to a family through adoption.
     You see I think that IVF can become a price tag on an embryo mentality and a ‘left over’ issue and not a child and parent view point.  I want to give an example, imagine you have a 5 year old child and you can’t take care of them so you are given 5 options for their life.  You could first allow them to perish or you can donate them to research so this child can be experimented on and have animal cells injected into them or for your child to die so that his or her cells can be injected into a person for a view of ‘healthcare’ or you can give them hope of being adopted to an adoptive family.  This option is the true option as no loving parent would ever consider harm to their child so why is the child at a younger stage in life considered acceptable to put them in such harm through death or death of experimentation.
The second point in options for an embryo has more detail then known.  What occurs as these children are donated to science is that scientists experiment on these children.  Sometimes, they take parts of their genes as they kill them and then they use the gene also from an animal and put the animals gene in the children’s genes.
  As I found on a website about IVF which shows in the following segment as entitled and shared about,
“Embryo quality issues and IVF implantation or failure potential
Poor quality 6-cell embryo on day 3


Blastocyst transfer is a relatively new IVF culture technique that allows us to maintain high IVF pregnancy rates when only transferring 1 or (usually) 2 embryos to the mother. This results in almost no risk for triplets.” These two comments degrade the gift of life!  First to consider a child “qualified” and to state regards to having two children implanted to say, “This results in almost no risk for triplets.”(
There is a loving ethical answer. You can donate your embryos for adoption! This is the most ethical response to act upon given the options for the embryos that you have.  This life needs protection and just as your 5 year old needs your protection so does this child and if you feel personally that you cannot care for this child then allowing this child to be loved by a family who can provide those needs is the greatest gift you can give to your child!  NEDC provides families with ability to donate their embryos and to have these embryos then adopted to loving families when the families choose their embryo.:) Also embryo adoption allows families to adopt children.
There are side effects to IVF such as:
post-traumatic stress and depression from failed IVF cycles, children who were created through IVF struggling with ‘survivors guilt as they learn that their siblings were either frozen indefinitely or destroyed.”(Live
If you are considering either please look up Dr. Anthony Caruso, a former IVF doctor, whose story is teaching society what IVF truly is.
As we wrap up IVF’s reality I want to share with you some quotes and a story from a former IVF doctor sharing about a story of a woman who was chosen to have a ‘cerclage placed in order to prevent her child from being born too soon, but she asked her doctor to remove it because she felt she could just try again. She was okay with her child dying, because she would be able to do another round of IVF and create another one.”(Live


Pregnancy Resource Centers

Dear PRCs, I am a former NICU baby who was diagnosed with a poor in utero diagnosis. After three doctors told my parents to abort me and my parent’s strong fight for my life 18 years later, I am currently working on a pro life legislative bill and have two ministries.:) 
This is for pregnancy centers or others also involved in pro life in various ways!

IN order for more lives to be saved, please read the following. I wanted to mention some important aspects to possibly add to your center.:):)

1st: Education videos: If I have not already talked to you about Dr. Levatino’s, a former abortionist, abortion videos I highly recommend them. They are done with Lila Rose, the president of Live Action.:) These videos are extremely well done and factually done. Dr. Levatino speaks from a kind, caring and compassionate manner in these videos. These videos are presenting to these women through a kind heart and manner what abortion is. They are hearing about abortion from a man who did abortions himself.  He has a position to state about what abortion is as he has done them and understands.  He is a wonderful and kind man who cares. These videos are powerfully used!
 Dr. Levatino is so being used by God to convey the realities of abortion and my mom has shown these videos to several of her abortion-minded clients, and the impact has been huge. We only show these videos to women who are considering abortion (AM or AV AND those who have never had an abortion before). Each video teaches women about the truth of what abortion is. 
I know the most common abortions that we see at least at our center are the pill.
He has a pill video and more:
Here is the official website:

Secondly adding “poor in utero pregnancies” on your website: I find it extremely important that if you do not already market on your websites about being there for women who have a poor in utero diagnosis, I highly recommend so. I was on an abortion clinic website and they advertised themselves as “caring for families who have a poor in utero diagnosis.” We must counter that and show families that WE are here for them. What I read on their website was horrid. They made themselves sound like a “loving and caring” place for families whose children are sick, and they offer abortions as the “solution.”  We must specify the poor in utero diagnosis so that they know they can come to PRCs. 

Thirdly, PRCs need to be open when abortion clinics are: We can never risk a missed opportunity for mothers and children to be saved because PRCs are not open when abortion clinics are. The PRCs are often closed during times when abortion clinics are open as during the holiday times and this is quite detrimental. If we are closed, they will go get an abortion. It is vital that these women know they can come and see us at anytime! I understand that staff need a vacation and humbly think in my opinion that we can rally the troops by getting volunteers to come in during the holiday break time vacation and even new advocates to shadow to see clients. I find it vital. If we are not open these women will have an abortion. As Abby Johnson a former Planned Parenthood director states about holiday break time vacation as I echoed, “I learned today that many pregnancy centers are closing down for the next two weeks. Okay. I get that people want a break or whatever. (my words change: need a holiday vacation.) But guys, the abortion clinics are NOT closing down. They will continue to perform abortions the days before and after Christmas. If they are open, then we MUST be open. We have got to find our sense of urgency here. And thank you to the PRCs who are remaining open during this holiday season!” Imagine a life saved the day after Christmas because our doors were opened! Imagine…. If abortion clinics are closed we are too, but if they are open we are too.
Lastly: I would be very excited to provide you all with a 100% pro life doctors referral list for your Pregnancy Resource Center so that you make sure that the doctors these women see when leaving you are affirming life as well and not telling them to have an abortion for any reason!:)

God bless you all,

Rachel Mary G. 

Abby Johnson a former Planned Parenthood Director’s words

Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood Director writes:
“I remember a baby that had been aborted in our Houston center at 16 weeks. I remember its body lying in the glass Pyrex dish in the lab. And then its tiny little hand that had been open, slowly close into a fist, as if to remind us of what had once been…a living human being. 
I remember what the ziploc bag at the end of the day looked like…tiny human parts all mixed together…then thrown into a freezer that we called “the nursery.” 
I remember the sounds of an abortion. The doctor would wait for that big suction noise. That was usually the baby’s head going through the tube. That was “the finale,” as he called it. 
I remember sterilizing instruments used during abortion procedures. One time I unwrapped the blue paper that held the dirty instruments and saw a tiny arm stuck to one of them. I quickly washed it, watching the arm go down the drain into the garbage disposal. 
I remember performing abortions the day before Christmas one year. I remember the desperation in the eyes of these women. They weren’t any more callous than the women at other times of the year…but they were more desperate. And we were there to lie to them about how selfless their abortion decision was. How they would be able to celebrate Christmas without “anyone knowing they had an abortion the day before.” 
I pray God never allows me to forget these things…these memories…these vile images. These memories keep the urgency alive in me. I hear about “burn out” in this movement, but I don’t personally understand it…not when you have seen what I have seen. 
I know that the Christmas season is about family. But we must remain vigilant during this time. We must remember these little ones who are denied their family, in the name of “choice.” We must never tire of fighting for them. We would never need a break from fighting to protect our own children. These children are ours, too…they are our brothers and sisters.”

A Plea To The Medical Community

Babies should not be seen as a disease, and abortion should not be seen as a treatment.
Rachel Guy
A physician goes to school to learn how to help patients.  For whatever reason, in this process, it has caused a misconstrued view of who to help and when and how much to help.  “”Medical Treatment” is defined as the management and care of a patient to combat disease or disorder.”   Yet, when it comes to the preborn child, exceptions are often made in medical care when a physician’s most vulnerable patient becomes sick and the very thing that doctors went to school for all of a sudden no longer matters due to the geographical location of the patient.  These preborn children are persons, too.  We must never view one life as less valuable than another.  This is a simple concept.  Doctors are responsible to care for patients and their view of each patient should be one of respect and recognizing the dignity of care that all/both patients deserve, in utero, outside, terminal illness, wheelchair bound, more.  The amount and method of care should not be defined by a patient’s utility.  Doctors must recognize their responsibility each day that they must stand firm in the truth  that while medicine gives limitations and they have limitations that God is not limited and they took an oath.  Doctors must see each life as distinct and valuable and worth doing the very thing that they went into medicine to do which is care for all little, small, and older patients with the best care possible.
The rationalization to take any life, specifically a preborn child’s life and call it “treatment” is unethical.  Our children, parents, grandchildren, and great grandchildren are affected by abortion.  Care should never involve a preemptive death sentence as with abortion. When one patient is helped that should not involve  the ending of the life of another patient.   The geographical location of the patient should not determine how the patient is to be cared for, or which ones.  In our medical culture often preborn babies go from being babies to being identified as a disease when they are sick in utero and what makes that even more unbelievable is the form of “fetal treatment” often recommended which is their deaths. Since when is death a treatment plan? In our medical culture there is often a view of the preborn babies that they go from being seen as babies to being identified as a disease if they become sick rather than being seen as a patient with a health concern.
When an ob/gyn is seeing a pregnant woman as the patient, the doctor is actually entrusted with the care of two patients-both the mother who carries the child and the child.  So my question to many in the medical community is that why is the preborn baby, the other patient, considered a disease when the child is sick in utero? Why is a child’s humanity stripped of him or her just because of a poor in utero diagnosis?  Regularly, when a child receives a poor in utero diagnosis that child immediately becomes a disease in the eyes of the doctor rather than one of the patients in need of care.  Often doctors identify a form of treatment for a sick child in utero as the death sentence of abortion.  In the United States, abortion is identified as a medical treatment.  Since when does it make any sense to call stopping a beating heart a form of medical care?  I challenge the medical community to really ponder this for those that practice a form of medicine that involves seeing the death sentence of abortion as a form of medical treatment to a sick child in utero.
I wondered if medical students even learn about the moral issues surrounding abortion.  Dr. Robinson, a family medicine physician and former abortionist states, “…..well first off there’s absolutely no discussion about the ethics and morality of abortion in medical school in residency…..”
Many doctors need to stop defining a child’s value by their health status.  Just because a pre born child has a poor in utero diagnosis does not mean they become that diagnosis any more than you would define a cancer patient by their cancer.  Please see the preborn children as the children that you first saw them as the day you knew of their existence and you began to make sure they were well cared for as well as the mother! I ask those in the medical field that why just because the baby is still in utero is ending that child’s life considered a form of medical care.
Why because of a child’s health status does a child go from being a patient that is being cared for to someone who is all of a sudden disposable and of lost value due to a poor in utero diagnosis?
Doctors, may I request that when a baby is sick, you see them as priceless, as wonderful and WORTH FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT FOR and not giving up on them just because they are no longer healthy!
When abortion is suggested because of a poor in utero diagnosis, my mom says that it is like a doctor telling a mother to kill her 2 year old who is diagnosed with terminal cancer just because the diagnosis is fatal. Of course, that would be sick and wrong so why just because a baby is sick inside the mother and given a poor in utero diagnosis do you,  doctors, regularly tell mothers to abort?!
May I request, that you see that preborn baby as your patient and treat that baby when sick not with a death sentence option but with all the vigor and might you would treat a patient outside of the womb who is sick.  As long as the mom is in your care, so is the baby.  Why is it if the child is sick in utero that you make them seem like a non person whose life has lost value and is no longer worth caring for by suggesting ending that child’s life?
A person does not become a disease or disability but rather a person can live with that AND that does not define them.  And treatment is the means to manage and care for a patient to combat a disease and anything that harms the patient in a way that leads to death should not be defined as a treatment option the way abortion is.   Let’s call abortion what it is-giving up.  Physicians should not go to school to give up nor are they in charge of defining someone’s value.  Our value comes from God not our health status.
Who would ever want a physician that would consider death as a treatment plan when things get rough???  If your standard of care is to give up when things get rough or look bleak, does that line up with why you went into medicine in the first place? Isn’t going into medicine to fight for those souls in the most dire situations.   I dare ask, why is this the medical field that dare states they care for the weak if you can’t bring yourself to care for the voiceless, the preborn.  So if the preborn is the patient at the beginning of the pregnancy why is that child seen as a harmful disease if sick? I merely state this as in my case  where three doctors suggested to my parents the treatment for my health issues in utero was death that countless doctors are guilty of this same “medical” advice.


Someone once said that we are taught to be God and make people rather than respect people and let God play God!

Great lovers of Life!

Meeting Lila Rose, Glenn Beck,  Crystal, Jenna and Dan, and David Daleiden and being with our wonderful friend, Rebecca Kiessling,  hearing and knowing their stories was truly powerful. These people LIVE JESUS!! They humble me and all the more inspire me to never stop fighting and praying for ALL life.  Abortion is the Holocaust of our generation.  How God’s heart breaks. Abortion stops a beating heart and terribly wounds a woman’s heart, both the mother of the baby and the father of the baby’s hearts.

Amazing Lovers of ALL Life

David Daleiden exposed Planned Parenthood. God bless him for standing strong for life!

My mom and I got to meet Glenn Beck which was amazing!!  He is this humble man, and he is so kind!  He was leaving the set area as my mom and I were having a photo outside the studio, and we had the blessing of him photo bombing us and then talking to him. What a wonderful, humble and kind man who is such a bold voice for truth and justice and love!

Jenna and Dan have a son who was born with anacephaly and it is a poor in utero diagnosis. They found out their son was sick and did a bucket list to do

special things with him.:):):) What a beautiful couple that love their son


Lila Rose started Live Action which exposes Planned Parenthood, and she is so beautifully full of Jesus’ love and life and passion for all that grieves Jesus’ heart.  Please support Live Action as they are Jesus’ very heart in this dark time where babies’ lives are being robbed from them in this culture of death. She has a heart of gold as does her staff like sweet Becky Yeh!

Crystal Willis-Blount was raped and chose life and her daughter is now 17 and again this is another strong, beautiful woman who is a loving voice of truth and love and hope.


Mom and me with these wonderful souls: Jenna, Crystal and Rebecca.

Rebecca Keissling was conceived in rape and she explains that the law ultimately saved her life because had it not been illegal, her mother would have aborted her.  Rebecca founded Save the 1 and was the one who sought us out to share my poor in utero diagnosis story. She like our dear friend, Darlene Pawlik and all theses souls I have mentioned are bold voices in this generation for Jesus’ heart for ALL life. ALL life is valuable.  God determines our value! Not man!

These are stories of hope, ones that only Jesus can give hope!!!!!!!!!

Beauty! True humbled beauty that our Yeshua gives!  He is raising up voices to be HIS very heart to this generation.

Please check out Darling Princess!

 I had the joy and pleasure of meeting a wonderful woman who loves Jesus so much and has a powerful story of redemption, life and hope. She has generously allowed me to share her link and I so encourage everyone to check this out.

So I joyfully introduce to you, Darlene Pawlik, a great lover of Jesus that God has connected me with to further bring awareness to the hope found in Jesus Christ and His Heart for ALL life and the sanctity of life.

I love her resource because it shares about the reality of our society and that we must stand for which is ALL life, not stand for only some. If we are going to be His vessels to end abortion we must be His heart for ALL life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now introducing another fabulous woman I met at the conference, Rebecca Kiessling. She is also a mover and shaker for Jesus like Darlene.:) See her story and God mission:)

Please check out Darling Princess & Save The 1 !!!!!