Dr. Mildred Jefferson

A physician like Dr. Mildred Jefferson Claiming to be pro life yet getting mixed up with the pro abortion people’s defintion of us Being an Obgyn who is truly pro life is a gift and they are an advocate and their office in so many ways is a pregnancy resource center.  Physicians are to beContinue reading “Dr. Mildred Jefferson”


Chickeneggpics is an organization designed to teach medical students around the US about the “benefits” of abortion.  They have multiple films talking about the “hard work” that abortion workers had to keep doing in their own office after abortionist George Tiller died.  The site says that these workers know that abortion is murder yet theyContinue reading “Chickeneggpics”

How to reach the world? How to make a pro life society? One doctor at a time!

How does one reach the OBGYN field, MFM and IVF fields who are for abortion?  As I admire and have joy that there are many pro life (truly 100%) OBGYNs and believers, my heart is consumed and giddy that women and their littles are treated well.  I stop for 1 second and can only focus onContinue reading “How to reach the world? How to make a pro life society? One doctor at a time!”

An OBGYN/abortionist’s frightening view towards pregnant women

I would like you all to really consider reading this article. It is a very concerning view that this OBGYN has not only toward your unborn child but you as women. As I share this article please do not have sinful angry but please pray for her! https://www.self.com/story/im-an-obgyn-and-i-never-ever-want-to-be-pregnant