How to reach the world? How to make a pro life society? One doctor at a time!

How does one reach the OBGYN field, MFM and IVF fields who are for abortion?  As I admire and have joy that there are many pro life (truly 100%) OBGYNs and believers, my heart is consumed and giddy that women and their littles are treated well.  I stop for 1 second and can only focus on… Continue reading How to reach the world? How to make a pro life society? One doctor at a time!

Fetal Tissue Research

You may have seen the undercover videos in regard to the selling of baby body parts for that society says is done for "RESEARCH" but David Daleiden and another person exposed their acts.  You may have personally felt they were wrong or you are thinking that this is extremely evil and you want to take… Continue reading Fetal Tissue Research

Eliminating Downs Syndrome or eradicating the people with Downs Syndrome?

Iceland has claimed that they have eliminated what causes Downs syndrome, while not actually sharing the truth, that in fact they have eradicated the people with Downs syndrome.  Did you know that this is systematic eugenics.  In America and Iceland and MANY OTHER countries people have targeted people groups because of their location? YES! There… Continue reading Eliminating Downs Syndrome or eradicating the people with Downs Syndrome?

Genetic (or Eugenic) Testing

 "Prenatal testing is a huge funnel that's wide at the top-- enticing and pressuring women and couples to agree to testing--and narrowly pointed toward eugenic abortion at the bottom."(meehanreports)The foundation of genetic testing is not exactly what you would expect. Genetic testing is a way to test for different sicknesses in the preborn child.Genetic tests… Continue reading Genetic (or Eugenic) Testing

If the Medical Field only Knew…..

The medical field is to fight for life.  Medicine has been deceived that somehow "caring" and "fighting" for life means ending the life of the patient by taking their life, in that name of "ending their suffering."  Sick children can't be defined by their sickness because the automatic response will be treating such people from… Continue reading If the Medical Field only Knew…..