Finding God’s Perspective

This is something written a few years ago but wanted to make a blog:

A friend of mine who is hugely involved in the Lord’s heart was used by God to compassionately convey truth and I think this is such an amazing example we can all follow.” Encounter with a man at the Carafem silent protest. I attended the Carafem silent protest on Monday, June 27th at 1800 Peachtree Street in Atlanta.  As I was standing on the sidewalk, holding my sign “Carafem is Bad for GA”, watching the vast array of commuters making their way through the early morning traffic, a man in his mid-to-late 30s was approaching me on the sidewalk.  He was dressed in his blue-collar work uniform with the company logo affixed, clean-shaven, friendly and respectable in appearance.  I locked eyes with him, bid him “good morning” and thus began a conversation with him.  He began by inquiring what we were protesting.  I explained that there was an organization in the building immediately in view that was performing abortions and their promotion was a “spa-like environment”.   His facial expression turned to one of concern.  He said “abortion”?  Then he stated that his religion did not approve of abortion. But, he added, that he thought it should be someone’s choice.  I took the opportunity, at this point, to engage him in further conversation.  I responded to his point by saying that “yes, the woman may have that choice, but the baby is never given a choice and that I imagine if the baby could make the choice, it would choose LIFE!”  I then went on to explain that many women – mostly young – are not even given the chance to make a choice either.  These are the victims of sex trafficking, rape and incest, along with many who are simply in dangerous relationships.  Women who are forced into the nightmare of abortion because it is convenient and “necessary” for those who are victimizing them.  The more I spoke the more I saw the man’s expression changing as if these were thoughts that have never crossed his mind.  He was hearing what I was saying. He was thinking about what I was saying!  And THIS is what will make a difference – planting the seed – giving people something to think about. I gave the man my business card and told him about Georgia Right to Life.  I don’t know if I will ever hear from him again or if he will visit the website. But, this I know, he will always remember the conversation.” By: Zemmie Fleck Executive Director at Georgia Right to Life

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