Terminology for Preborn Children

I have recently been contemplating the term “miscarriage” and “stillbirth” and struggled that a child who is lost at a younger stage in life is considered “miscarried” instead of medicine using the term death.  I feel like using the term miscarriage is taking away from the human that was lost.  I wish that medicine would try to save babies who are lost in miscarriages and stop trying to purposefully murder preborn children but focus on showing the dignity of all lives in the OBGYN field. I believe that we need to have terms that dignify the loss of babies who die not just using terms that do not show the reality of the child dying. Also, I think that sometimes there can be ‘miscarriages’ of children who are born alive, but the doctors do not think they will live or sometimes they think the child died and they did not. We need to use humanizing terms over the death of the child not just the term ‘miscarriage’ but the realization that this child may have or did die.

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