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Dec. 24, 2020

The Royal College of OBGYN

I wanted to bring up the subject of babies in the womb and outside who have disabilities and how the medical community particularly RCOG has a double standard in seeing some children with disabilities as worth fighting for and others worth preemptively killing.

RCOG has a double standard on the lives they choose to protect.  RCOG states in one statement that abortion is somehow ‘medical’ while on the contrary saying they care about children with disabilities. See the following statements from their site and then one from the instagram page.

RCOG says, “The College will now adopt the following statement as its formal position:

The RCOG supports the removal of criminal sanctions associated with abortion in the UK.

We believe that the procedure should be subject to regulatory and professional standards, in line with other medical procedures, rather than criminal sanctions.

Abortion services should be regulated; however, abortion – for women, doctors, and other healthcare professionals – should be treated as a medical, rather than a criminal issue.

The College is not calling for any change in gestational limits for abortion which should remain in place through the appropriate regulatory and legislative process.

We have come to this consensus following a discussion at the RCOG Council, where council members voiced a broad range of views during an informed and considered debate on the needs of the women and girls for whom we provide this very necessary service.”  RCOG backs decriminalisation of abortion

Abortion is harmful and is not healthcare as abortion wounds a heart and takes a child’s life.   Terminology matters and by RCOG not considering the harm done in abortion criminal, then the viewpoint is that abortion is somehow ‘healthcare.’

This is what happens to a baby during the most common abortion procedures in the first, second and third trimester abortions.

1st Trimester Abortion pill:

1st Trimester abortion DnC: Aspiration Suction Abortion | What You Need To Know (

2nd Trimester:

D & E Abortion Procedure | What You Need To Know (

3rd Trimester:

Induction Abortion | What You Need To Know (

RCOG has two differing viewpoints that they have towards people who have disabilities.  RCOG believes in doing prenatal testing, which one may not find to be a huge concern yet the foundation of prenatal testing is eugenic.  This means that someone who has a supposed disability in the womb is targeted to be killed, on the other hand, the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynecology says that they want to save babies lives who die from disabilities. They are for the intentional killing of a life if this person is sick or has a genetic diagnosis in utero yet they also want to supposedly ‘save lives too?’ Their slogan is ‘each one counts’, yet there seems to be a concern in their different messages shared/given.  The Instagram page states, “rcobsgyn Show your support for #TeamRCOG and Each Baby Counts at @ridelondon this weekend. Each Baby Counts aims to reduce the number of babies who die, or are left with severe disability, as a result of incidents occurring during term labour  #philanthropy #womenshealth #gynaecology #obstetrics #labour #childbirth #healthcare #ridelondon #charitybikeride” site:

There foundation is eugenic just as ACOGs.

You may be saying, ‘Well, maybe their eugenic ways have changed and even though that was their foundation they don’t approach prenatal testing this way.’

If something is eugenically based it will never not be approached from this stance.  This is not to say that every doctor knows the foundation of prenatal testing but the root foundation of it and the people who are ensconced in it, I believe 99.9 percent of the time, know with certainty the foundation and their harmful goals.

On one hand, if they say they care and yet on another they eugenically target them how is this ‘caring’ for those who have a disability.  Is it simply their difference in location that justifies the act of preemptive harm that means that killing someone with a poor prenatal diagnosis is okay? This is extremely interesting to me, they admit that they aren’t always correct on the diagnoses therefore if the child or is not sick there is a supposed justification.

Medicine is NOT supposed to “redefine personhood” as our personhood  is already defined by the Lord and our health status or means of conception does not define our value but rather God who made us at fertilization, and we are valuable not from our birth but from our moment of fertilization.  No matter the situation your child may be going through health-wise, know that there is hope and that your baby’s value is still the same as when doctors hadn’t known they were sick as our worth doesn’t come from our health status, but from Jesus.

Here is the sad proof of the eugenic plot and goal regards prenatal testing:

It must be made the reality that abortion is not healthcare or care.

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