Babies must be Saved-As You See This Is a Live Action Organization Story

April 20, 2020 THE PHOTOS BELOW do not show as in the blogs: The baby with the hat on is Emery and his brother is not pictured. The other photos are of baby Autumn and mom Sophie.

Babies must be saved:
The US is doing a study that wcould save lives to see babies put eventually in amniotic sacs that will be like a womb so that if a baby is born early they can grow and live longer. Although this may seem incredible, I want to share some ethical concerns I have.
This study shares about a way to save babies born too early that may be more effective than the NICU, “It provides everything the foetus needs to continue growing and maturing, including a nutrient-rich blood supply and a protective sac of amniotic fluid. The approach might one day help premature human babies have a better chance of survival, experts hope. Human trials may be possible in a few years, according to researchers. First, more tests in animals are needed to check if it is safe enough to progress, the researchers say in the journal Nature Communications…The plastic “biobag” womb contains a mixture of warm water and added salts, similar to amniotic fluid, to support and protect the foetus. This fluid is inhaled and swallowed by the growing foetus, as would normally happen in the womb. Gallons of the mixture are steadily flushed through the bag each day to ensure a continuous fresh supply. The bagged lamb cannot get a supply of oxygen and nutrients from its mum via the placenta. Instead, it is connected to a special machine by its umbilical cord, which does the job. The baby lamb’s heart does all the pumping work, sending “old, used” blood out to the machine to be replenished before it returns back to the body again. The whole system is designed to closely mimic nature and buy the tiniest newborns a few weeks to develop their lungs and other organs. Researcher Dr. Emily Partridge explained: ‘The challenging age that we are trying to offset is that 23- to 24-week baby who is faced with such a challenge of adapting to life outside of the uterus on dry land, breathing air when they are not supposed to be there yet.’”(
The preborn children are persons. It is incredible to see this development, but I do think we must be aware of some areas before we are fully on board.
My concern is that OBGYNS won’t fight for babies as I have heard stories about babies who are born early who were not fought for so even with the developments I have realistic concerns that the children will not be fought for as patients. Consistently some OBGYNs are against fighting for little ones refusing to give basic care to children born at viability or before. The stories we have seen which reflect this tragic truth are seen through stories like that of Elliot and Emery’s and Autumn’s story in the UK and countless other lives whose doctors didn’t fight for all because they were born naturally and too early or righat viability and those who should have been scooped up the babies in their arms and taken them to the NICU. The children were denied being saved. The children’s stories by Live Action shares, “In a heartbreaking video released by Created Equal, Amanda, the mother of premature twin boys Emery and Elliot, can be heard pleading for her sons’ lives. In June of 2017, Amanda was experiencing bleeding when she went to Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, at 22 weeks and two days gestation. She said medical staff informed her that if her babies were born before 22 weeks and five days gestation, they would not resuscitate them. Three days later, at exactly 22 weeks and five days gestation as is confirmed by the attending physician’s notes, Amanda gave birth to Emery and Elliot, and though the boys moved, breathed, and even cried, she said the doctors still refused to help them.
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“I pleaded with nurses and other hospital staff to help try to save my babies,” Amanda said in a statement. “I was told they would not survive. I asked if they would at minimum assess the babies after they were born to determine possibility of survival. I was informed NICU would not assess the twins and that the babies would probably be stillborn or at best breathe for a moment.”

The attending doctor’s notes regarding the births of Emery and Elliot.
Emery was born first. No doctors were present for his birth and although a neonatal doctor did arrive shortly after, he only wrapped Emery in a blanket and placed him under the heating lamp.
“You guys are gonna save him, right?” says Amanda in the heartbreaking video. “Promise me they’re gonna save him.”

For 45 minutes Emery moved, breathed and lived outside the womb before he died.
A couple of hours later, Elliot was born. He was larger than Emery and lived for over two hours outside the womb – breathing, moving, and crying. Yet medical staff still did nothing to help him.
Amanda can be heard in the video crying as she held him, “Mommy tried. Mommy tried.”
A study in the New England Journal of Medicine states that premature babies born at 22 weeks are much more likely to survive with medical intervention than previously believed. In fact, babies like Emery and Elliot are continually surviving and thriving outside the womb. Babies born even earlier than the twins have survived when doctors cared enough to step in and help them. Baby Benson was born at 22 weeks and five days. Amillia Taylor was born and survived at just 21 weeks, six days gestation. Frieda Mangold survived after being born at 21 weeks, five days – a full week earlier than Emery and Elliot.  And Courtney Stensrud’s baby girl survived after being born at 21 weeks and four days gestation. She is now a healthy three-year-old who is alive because Stensrud’s doctor heard her pleas and decided to try and help the little girl.

After her boys had died, Amanda was discharged from the hospital and given stillbirth discharge papers. Even though her boys had both been born alive and breathing, the hospital was not acknowledging it.
Amanda filed an internal complaint with the Riverside Methodist. However, the hospital responded that they “consider the matter closed.” Now, she has filed a complaint with the Ohio Department of Health and hopes that others will support her efforts by contacting Riverside’s CEO David Blom (Editor’s note 5/16/19: corrected number should be 614-566-5000).

Baby Elliot was born premature and doctors refused to help him.
Emery and Elliot aren’t the only babies who have died because doctors refused to help them. Last year in the UK, baby Autumn died after being born prematurely at 22 weeks and six days. She lived for nearly two hours outside the womb, and despite the fact that she was “gasping for air” and “moving her arms and legs” doctors did nothing to help her.
There is no justifiable reason as to why the doctors at Riverside Methodist Hospital refused to help Emery and Elliot. They had previously stated that they would only help the boys if they were born at 22 weeks and five days, but when it came down to it, they still refused to assist in saving the boys’ lives. Amanda had to watch her babies die and now must live with the question of “what if” for the rest of her life.”( )

Unexpectedly pregnant with their sixth child, Sophie Dennis and her husband were initially shocked, but by the time they traveled from the United Kingdom to Spain for their family vacation at 13 weeks gestation, they loved their new preborn child as much as any of their others. However, that vacation would be the beginning of a heartbreaking struggle to save their preborn baby girl only to tragically lose her, they say, due to medical negligence. Baby Autumn would be born extremely premature at 22 weeks and six days gestation – a gray area in which some doctors would offer her medical intervention, but others would not. Autumn’s doctors would choose the latter, despite her mother Sophie’s repeated requests for help for her premature baby. Some children born as early as 21 weeks have survived, thanks to medical assistance.

While on vacation, Sophie began to experience bleeding so heavy that she had to wrap a towel around herself. She went to the local hospital, but a language barrier kept her from fully understanding what was happening. Thankfully, the woman they were renting their vacation apartment from accompanied her and was able to explain some of what the doctors were saying.
“I just remember them saying the word hematoma and the measurements of it,” Sophie told Live Action News. “So the two weeks spent there I did a lot of googling. Subchronic hematoma 3.2 cm. I phoned home a few times to speak to someone at the hospital. I’m sensitive. I’m obviously worried. The bleeding started again and I bleed for the rest of the holiday. But it wasn’t fresh blood so that was good.”

Premature baby girl Autumn and her parents (Facebook)
As soon as they arrived back in the United Kingdom, Sophie went to the hospital where an ultrasound revealed baby Autumn was perfectly content – a huge relief. Sophie’s cervix was closed as well, which was another good sign. However, doctors did not check the size of the hematoma and instead scheduled a scan for two weeks later to measure it. Sophie expressed her dissatisfaction, but there was nothing she could do. She went home, happy that her daughter was safe, and researched outcomes of pregnancies with hematoma.
When she returned for the scan to measure the hematoma, doctors told her that most of the time the body simply reabsorbs it or it continues to grow. They assured her that women go on to have healthy pregnancies and that while she could go into preterm labor, in her case, she was most likely to have miscarried the baby while she was on vacation. The hematoma had grown from 3.2 to 7.2 cm.
“The told me, ‘The baby looks good, and there was no fresh bleeding’,” said Sophie. “But blood is an irritant to the uterus so that can cause contractions. It should have been a warning sign to keep an eye on this lady and this baby.”

Premature baby girl Autumn (Facebook)
Sophie was told they would continue to monitor her by performing a scan every couple of weeks; however, those frequent scans never happened and doctors told her there was nothing that could be done to prevent preterm labor and that there would be no benefit to the scans. But Sophie had researched steps to take, such as not walking far distances, no heavy lifting, and no sex. The doctors advised her that these things wouldn’t make much difference and that she needed to make it to 24 weeks gestation, otherwise they wouldn’t take any steps to save her daughter.
“They told me to come back at 20 weeks. I was shocked,” said Sophie. “I’ve got a blood clot in my uterus. It’s moved. It’s grown in size. I was getting headaches and feeling unwell. And he thought ‘Just a normal pregnancy’. I have one kidney and I’m prone to water [UTI] infections. We came back at 20 weeks and the blood clot was from the cervix to the uterine wall. I had stopped bleeding for a few days and the baby looked good, all looked good. We saw the same guy again and we were literally in and out in five minutes and he said the same as he said before: ‘If you had any pain and fresh bleeding come straight in.’ Me being unwell, which was on and off for a few weeks, I put it off to catching what the kids had. Pain I had I put all that down to round ligament pain and general pregnancy. I didn’t really know what I was looking for besides blood clot and bleeding. They never told me whether or not I had a water infection. He told me to come back in six weeks. I said that’s ridiculous, I thought you were going to scan me regular.”
The doctor said it was out of his hands and told Sophie, “You do what you feel like you need to do.” Sophie felt no one was as concerned as she thought they should be and though the bleeding had at least momentarily stopped, she left the hospital feeling even more worried about her baby and completely unsupported.
Then, at 22 weeks and five days gestation, Sophie went into preterm labor. As she sat in the waiting room at the hospital, watching as another mother was wheeled in before her, she broke down in tears. After the midwives and doctors finally came to help her, they said the baby was doing fine, but that labor couldn’t be stopped and the baby girl would be born that night.

“The midwife said, ‘I’m sorry, there’s nothing we can do. Your membranes are in the birth canal; she’s coming tonight’. I remember letting out this cry. I’m pretty sure the whole hospital heard me,” said Sophie.
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Sophie asked if they could help her daughter, but the doctors said at this age there was nothing to be done. They said that if she did survive because of medical intervention she ran the risk of being disabled. And though Sophie argued that other babies born at 22 weeks had survived and thrived, the doctor told her not to believe what she read on the internet.
Feeling patronized and knowing that other hospitals in the country had helped children born at 23 weeks, Sophie was in shock that the doctors were refusing to help her daughter at 22 weeks and six days. As she was wheeled into a labor room, she again asked them to help her baby. Again doctors told her she would be “poorly and disabled” if she lived. Sophie hoped that if her daughter were breathing at birth that the doctors would step in.

Premature baby girl Autumn. Facebook.
In the early morning hours, at 22 weeks and six days gestation, Autumn Orion was born breathing. However, that help Sophie so desperately wanted never came.
“I remember I didn’t want to push and I’m crying and screaming and praying to God to help my child,” recalled Sophie. “They placed her on me. She’s there and I remember very clearly her moving her arms and legs. […] She was gasping for air. She did at least six big gasps. She needed help. She needed them to help her and they did nothing.”
Autumn lived for nearly two hours outside the womb. Her parents continued to question the medical team about helping her.
After Autumn’s funeral, Sophie and her husband met with a neonatologist whom they questioned further about why their daughter wasn’t helped. According to Sophie, all of the information the doctor used to justify not helping Autumn was misinformation. He argued that she didn’t weigh enough, but Sophie said they didn’t weigh her immediately after birth. He argued that her heart rate was only 60 beats per minute, but Sophie said they didn’t check her heartbeat until well after her birth.

Premature baby girl Autumn’s tiny feet with her parents’ wedding bands (Facebook)
“I remember shouting at this doctor. He said her heart was 60 beats per minute, but they never took her heart rate. They were going on about her weight but they didn’t weigh her at birth. You can’t tell me she didn’t weigh enough. You can’t be certain that she wouldn’t have lived if you helped her. They’re moving the goalpost,” said Sophie. “You didn’t give her the option and it was taken away from her. You tell me now, look at me in the eyes and tell me now if I had asked you to do everything that you would have helped my baby.”
The doctor admitted that if he were the doctor delivering Autumn and Sophie had pushed him enough, he would have tried to save her.
“I told him, ‘You massively, massively let me and my child down. You should be telling the parents this information and you do save babies in the gray area. If you had helped her you don’t know how that baby would have responded. You’re not God and you’re not a crystal ball. The fact that you didn’t try that makes it different. If she did pass I could look you in the eye and say thank you for trying. You decided her fate, not God, and now I’ve got to live with that forever. It can’t happen again. It just can’t,” said Sophie.

Premature baby girl Autumn and her mother. Facebook.
Sophie and her husband have been following the story of baby Benson, a premature baby born at 22 weeks five days gestation. Doctors stepped in to help Benson, and today, he is doing well. She wishes she could say the same for Autumn, and cries because she feels if doctors had stepped in, Benson’s story could have also been Autumn’s.
“I’ve got to live for the rest of my life knowing that there was more I could have done and that was taken away from me because of people not doing their job properly,” she said. “I’ve got to live the rest of my life knowing that my baby girl died on me, fighting to breathe. She suffocated to death.”
Sophie is working with a lawyer and has started a petition so that no other mother has to suffer this way again. She wants any child born at 22 weeks to be helped and she wants the parents to be able to make that call, not the doctors.
“It should be normal [to help babies]. It should be fluent between hospitals,” said Sophie. “This is the NHS. The guidelines are supposed to be… the same. If we had been somewhere else they could have done something. They let me down in my pregnancy and they let me down when I had her and I don’t want that happen to another mom. I promised Autumn I would try to do everything I could to change things.” (

We see ACOG’s fallacy of not loving life lived out in their false “standard of care” as they do not provide care for the babies. PPROM is explained by Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia shares, “Premature rupture of membranes (PROM) is a rupture (breaking open) of the membranes (amniotic sac) before labor begins. If PROM occurs before 37 weeks of pregnancy, it is called preterm premature rupture of membranes (PPROM).”( ACOG’s article on PPROM-Preterm premature rupture of the membrane is heartbreaking and cuts to the very core of what medicine is not allowed to become yet ACOG stands for the murder of preborn babies and so they can justify the leaving of a baby with PPROM dying without care because “they just do not want to deal with” children. To be frank as I’ve been reading the ACOG article about Preterm premature rupture of the membranes-PPROM, the consistent theme is they will choose who they fight for and also won’t fight for simply based upon if the child has a health condition or when they are born or the way they are born. The foundation is that the medical field as a foundation feels no obligation to care for every life, just the ones they consider worth fighting for. The joy of medicine is not to choose but to fight for all in the way that works toward the best outcome of continual life for children inside and outside the womb. ACOG says, “Because of the wide range of outcomes associated with periviable birth, counseling should attempt to include accurate information that is as individualized as possible regarding anticipated short-term and long-term outcomes. Nevertheless, it is important to realize that outcomes that have been reported in the medical literature may have some biases because of a variety of factors, including study inclusion criteria (eg, whether studies include all births or are limited to liveborn infants, non- anomalous newborns, liveborn resuscitated newborns, or neonatal intensive care unit [NICU] admissions only), variation in management between centers, and changes in NICU practices over time (eg, administration of ante- partum steroids, resuscitative efforts, NICU admission criteria; see Table 1) (5, 9–11, 15–20). In addition, a precise understanding of outcomes in survivors is further confounded by differing definitions of “major” and “minor” disabilities used in studies.“(ACOG) We should not not fight for a child because we think they won’t live long or because if we do they will have a health condition. ACOG expects the child to die and so if the child lives they don’t want to show the humanity of the child so some OBGYNs sadly claim the child dies as in seeing Elliott and Emery. They on the medical papers were said to be STILLBORN…. they lived after birth. The article shares, “After her boys had died, Amanda was discharged from the hospital and given stillbirth discharge papers. Even though her boys had both been born alive and breathing, the hospital was not acknowledging it.”(Live Action) This is not stillbirth. I believe it is because of Hillary Clinton considering a person not one until they left the hospital which is probably the reason why the evil occurred as ACOG’s viewpoint stays the same as hers, and I think this destruction mindset is why they justify not fighting for life and consider the children not alive in the paperwork. ( file:///C:/Users/Peter/Documents/ACOG%20PPROM.pdf) 
I feel that ACOG’s “counseling” to parents is biased as they don’t want the parents to fight. We see the following quotes speaking about if a child should be resuscitated based on their weight and health conditions after birth and these children need to be fought for and doctors should not be telling parents they shouldn’t be resuscitating their child because of health, weight or other factors that should be a factor and the reason to fight not dismiss the responsibility of the role of a doctor which is to fight not dismiss fighting because “they feel it is not worth fighting”. It is absolutely sickening. These children no matter their conditions should be fought for by doctors not devalued and left to die because of being born early.

This viewpoint occurs when a baby is born naturally and sometimes some doctors won’t fight. We have seen this in America. What could cause this? If medicine makes a stance of when viability is but as a foundation does not have God to see the value is intrinsic and not based on viability or location medicine as a foundation will justify not caring for babies born early as a mom’s water broke and then the babies die. This interesting development done I believe by Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) does not desire to change viability which is foolish to me but I think despite them not having that desire this will be used to change viability to see even more lives actually saved. This new development I actually found THREE YEARS AGO just as I bet I was doing medical pro -life research. This is a bag that is the emplacement of the womb when a baby is born early and needs care.
There are great blessings to this potential development as children who are born early no matter their age could be put in it. We could see viability drop as those doing the article do not say they cannot drop viability but they clearly could! BOOM! YES! Children as young as maybe 10 weeks could be saved! What if that was to happen. The study has no desire to save them that early, but I believe this could cause lives to be saved.
Issue: The study doesn’t care to change viability status. Why! If the point is to save babies then see about saving them ALL who are born early. Make sure the doctors and nurses who are caring for the children do not take away their blood supply due to their unethical stances on personhood which is a fact that should not be in question as life begins at fertilization people are people from fertilization.
The foundation of the medical community does not desire to care for little babies born early because they think their value is not based on intrinsic worth but by how long they live. If a child is born naturally and born too early and sometimes even via c section some OBGYNS do not think they are people and LET them not live and die. What barbaric act is this. Is it true? Yes, it is true. The study shares, “The plastic “biobag” womb contains a mixture of warm water and added salts, similar to amniotic fluid, to support and protect the foetus.”
This fluid is inhaled and swallowed by the growing foetus, as would normally happen in the womb. Gallons of the mixture are steadily flushed through the bag each day to ensure a continuous fresh supply.
The bagged lamb cannot get a supply of oxygen and nutrients from its mum via the placenta. Instead, it is connected to a special machine by its umbilical cord, which does the job.
The baby lamb’s heart does all the pumping work, sending “old, used” blood out to the machine to be replenished before it returns back to the body again.
The whole system is designed to closely mimic nature and buy the tiniest newborns a few weeks to develop their lungs and other organs.
Researcher Dr Emily Partridge explained: “The challenging age that we are trying to offset is that 23- to 24-week baby who is faced with such a challenge of adapting to life outside of the uterus on dry land, breathing air when they are not supposed to be there yet.”
What is the typical protocol?
It seems to me to be different each time. The protocol for before 37 weeks is, “If you leak amniotic fluid and your membranes rupture earlier than 37 weeks, and your practitioner determines it’s too soon for your baby to be safely delivered, you’ll most likely receive antibiotics to ward off infection. You’ll also likely get a dose of steroids to help your baby’s lungs quickly mature for an early delivery.”(Whattoexpect) It seems to me that it is less about protocol being an issue with this site although I did read more information from another site that was so sad. I think it is about how the individual doctor who cares for the children cares although I will say I have deep concerns with how babies are not cared for before 22 and even 24 week through PPROM. I think that the medical field must allow pediatricians to take care of the child and give the child oxygen. The pediatricians must fight if the baby is born early such as in every situation.
I think we must be aware that no child is safe unless they are with a 100% pro life obgyn who does also want to fight. There are great doctors who are well intentioned, and just think that resuscitation for a baby is a MUST that is required for all people in the womb who are born early always and especially with babies who are born to PPROM before 22 weeks, but I think doctors do not to do it because they are not taught. We don’t know what we don’t know. Thoughts?
This quote explains the reality of what OBGYNS are taught to do. Some obs are not taught to know how to save lives once babies are born early before viability if mom’s water breaks but yet I think some are just refusing. If a pediatrician

isn’t allowed to be in the room or to provide care for the babies then once born before or at viability it says to me that the OBGYN foundation does not want these babies fought for so some let the babies die purposely as seeing stories of Elliot and Emery who were born at 22 weeks from the mom going into PPROM and the children denied care even from a pediatrician! It is not that ACOG doesn’t know how to fight it is that they make OBGYNs believe they cannot or that for some OBGYNs they aren’t willing to fight. I have seen this almost happen in a personal story regarding a child named Thea and thank God she made it because she was born by C-section at 34 weeks and I have heard horrible stories of PPROM of children who are not fought for. With this we see that sadly some OBGYNS are not fighting. It is sad. ACOG shares, “Prematurity occurs in approximately 12% of all live births in the US, and preterm labor preceded approximately 50% of these preterm births. Preterm births account for approximately 70% of newborn deaths and 36% of infant deaths. Ob-gyns, physicians whose primary responsibility is women’s health, play a leading role in diagnosing and treating premature labor and birth.” It interests me that sadly ACOG says the moms’ life is their priority not both child and the mom. When a life is conceived the medical field must fight for both. I am not saying every situation means a life won’t die but why is the foundation of ACOG only about the women and not about all the children? Can a C-section be done instead of inducing labor for the moms’ to see their babies’ lives saved? Is it because the medical field doesn’t know how to fight if a life is born too early or because it is “easier” to induce labor verses c section? It is perplexing. The induction of labor would take longer sometimes and even if not than a c section but they should be fought for.

We see viability “standards” are different in hospitals. Who are they to say who they should fight for. Parents need to fight and doctors must too and these babies must not be “held” until they naturally pass because the hospital refused to bring them to the NICU because they were at 21 weeks or EVEN 22 week babies and the “standard” says they cannot fight as some say they can at 22 and others not but most say NO to 21 week or even when the hospital is mandated to fight some OBGYNS will choose to not. I am not saying they are sitting in their office plotting how to not fight for life. My point: “Medicine’s job was never meant to redefine personhood. Their job was simply meant to fight.” This applies to all life. It does not matter the situation you fight. Often times some doctors try to take the easy way out. They tell parents to hold their child until they die if born “too” early to save. Who says they are “too early”. One hospital let two little boys die when they were born due to PPROM at 22 weeks and the hospital refused to let anyone fight. This is maddening and despicable. Medicine must desire to see the patient fought for. Look at the following stories of children born at 21 weeks. They are alive because they were fought for and our value shouldn’t be based or the means of fighting because for the OBGYN and pediatrician fields they should not be fighting based on how long the patient lives but on their intrinsic value from fertilization because we each have from a basic foundation. Live Action shares the awesome stories of Ellie and Lyla who thank God were fought for at 21 weeks! I wish every child was fought for when born very early. Live Action shares, “Eliora “Ellie” Schneider, born at 21 weeks and six days, is one of the youngest preemies to survive in the United States. Live Action News reported on little Eliora in 2018 when she turned one. Her life is an example of how giving every child a chance at life — regardless of gestational age or currently accepted age of “viability” (the ability to survive outside the womb) — is so very important… The road to where Ellie is today wasn’t always an easy one, but her parents believe it was worth it. “21 weeks and 6 days. We thought this was it, you know, we were going to lose our sweetie,” Schneider told KHSB in 2017. “She was 14 ounces, which is just a little bigger than a can of Coke.” It was just days older than the most premature baby born on record. It was months before they were even able to hear her cry.”(
Roe v Wade causes a nation to fall.
We are not only speaking of the horror of killing babies in abortion in the womb. When law dismisses the foundational scientific fact that life begins at fertilization and the foundational principle they will justify the 47 years of killing people. It is barbaric… Medicine as a foundation is to value persons not who ACOG is which is pro abortion. We live in a society that should see the intrinsic worth of every person, not justify their murder. We see that the whole society and foundation changes as we believe someone can be murdered based on their location and “inconvenience” or other meaningless excuses. Saddening is the word to describe the situation of countless children that I have heard sad stories of parents who want to fight but the medical field would not fight for and love the children and the doctors would just lay the babies on the mothers and let them die and we should fight even though just simply born too early and the stories I read were heartbreaking as the children were by nurses or whoever were left to be held in their mother’s arms and not given medical care and died. To not immediately resuscitate and fight for children is awful. I am not saying every situation the baby could be living long enough to be saved but my point is I have read too many stories to see basic care denied. We must give babies oxygen to children who are born too early. Why on earth are we letting babies just not be taken to pediatric physicians and let pediatric doctors in the room and also pray they all will resuscitate babies when born early and give them oxygen. The reason way they do not live is because medicine is taught not to want them to live or try to save them and even if they do want them to live they often do not try and we must fight. We do NOT fight because they WILL live, we fight because THEY ARE AS ALIVE AS YOU AND I WAS IN THE WOMB AS Outside of it. I think the medical field is taught that if someone won’t live long there is no point in fighting or if they have some health conditions. We ask how such an evil act can happen.. When our world legalized the murder of people than anyone else’s lives mattered as nothing to the foundation of the medical field. Fact: The murder of people makes society desensitized to the reality and magnitude of the value of all life. Medicine’s job, I will say til I am dead, was not meant to redefine personhood, ACOG, their job was meant to fight for preborn and born babies and IVF babies.

Twin infants die after hospital refuses to save them despite mother’s pleas

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