The Percentage Of How Much a Person Will Live shouldn’t Determine How Much You Fight

Feb. 7, 2020 A couple I was reading a blog about was trying for a year and a half to get pregnant. Since they couldn’t conceive, they chose embryo adoption. Embryo adoption is a beautiful way to have a family! The family’s story shares that they adopted two babies/frozen embryos who were implanted, then they heard that one of the embryos/baby split and they have three babies now.
The most heartbreaking story is that instead of the medical field welcoming and being excited, about these three children, the medical field instead told the parents they should KILL ONE to give the other two a better chance of survival. We are alive in the womb so saying they wouldn’t have chance at living long is a future tense term that isn’t necessary in the sense that they are alive now. We shouldn’t preemptively kill someone ever, and the medical field should never tell parents to kill one of their children. My thought is that the chance of survival shouldn’t determine how much one fights for babies in the womb and in IVF. You should fight regardless of how long they may or may not live, and since the percentage of the amount of babies that are implanted having potential medical concerns is a possibilities, this should cause the medical field to nurture life not take life. Also, you don’t take someone’s life someone because they won’t LIVE long. This is horrific.

This child should not have been selected to have her or his life taken. How quickly a field can turn from life to death. Some doctors a sadly misguided as they only want families to have children and they only consider them valuable if they are healthy or outside the womb. How quickly a nation falls when we believe and justify killing children. How evil a country is when we believe that we can say it is in a child’s “best interest,” and they would be better off dead so they don’t have to suffer health conditions later on as if health conditions are a reason for murdering someone. The medical field is to care for those with health issues not kill them. Killing one child to give another a chance is the picture of eugenics. How barbaric. Taking a child’s life is not the answer and justifying that death by saying the death of one is justified to help another is distributed thinking. I know I sound harsh but abortion is murder at any stage it all murder when you preemptively kill a child.

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