Reminder for the day

April 14, 2019 If we remember nothing else as we end our day may we know that Jesus loves us, died for us to save us and rose again. May we know that if we acknowledge our need for a Savior He will save us. May we remember that our value is not based on our location or how we are conceived or our genetic diagnosis or sickness whether in utero or not. Our value is not based on the world’s criteria. As we have seen the eugenic society desire to redefine value, and our laws in the same manner redefine our value, we have seen that the world selects groups to kill off when they choose to redefine life and our value and where life comes from and when life starts. For example, the Holocaust, slavery and now abortion are examples of society as a whole devaluing people’s value. We must see that we are all made in the Image of God. Science shows that we are a human at the moment of fertilization. It is the OBGYN founding organization field which is founded on pro abortion views, and our laws that have redefined who God has already defined as living, and beautiful persons at fertilization, no matter how conceived or if sick in utero or if sick outside the womb.

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