Dec. 31, 2018 In our nation and around the world, people with disabilities are told two messages.  These messages are extremely conflicting.

One: The message our world sends is people with disabilities are a nuisance and we consider someone less valuable because they “would cost a lot to care for” in medicine.  Also, we can see how there is a link to prenatal testing and abortion link.  We all have value and society is eugenic.  They consider people who have disabilities ‘not worthy of fighting for or’ ‘having no quality of life’ or as if being  blind, deaf and have mental struggles as some nurses and MDs use as another excuse to not fight for life.  I thought all were supposed to support people who are blind, deaf, have Trisomy 13 and 18 and other poor prenatal diagnoses to take their life because many consider them as a society an “inconvenience.’  Society does not realize how much of a eugenic foundation medicine has.

Two: The other view is seeing how we can celebrate people who have disabilities to show their ability.  We can show that they are valuable. That their value is not based on what they can or cannot do or what they look like or what grade they do or don’t get but that we have value.  Think of the special Olympics or hearing about stories where people with “disabilities” are shown their worth.  Yet still society has a discrepancy.  Society only considers them valuable if society wants to think they have value yet this is the concern as society believes that they have the right to place value judgments on people based on “their standards.”

I feel also that society believes that everyone has disabilities.  They believe that if you are hyper in class you must have a disability in need of meds and in reality they are just children.  It is so heartbreaking that society desires to medicate their children and that it is just natural to take the lives of our children in utero if they are sick or conceived in a particular manner such as incest or rape. Along with the other children who are conceived through IVF but are considered “extra” and are donated to science or taken through other manners of death who are simply considered “extra embryos” instead of all shown our intrinsic value.

What is missing is the fact that society does not believe in intrinsic value.  They believe that we have value if we have met a certain criteria.  Even in desiring to see people with disabilities have the opportunities, society does not care to celebrate the child who can’t accomplish going to the special Olympics as society only celebrates people if they can meet societies criteria.  We are a godless nation therefore we as Christians must see that every soul has value because we are all made in God’s image.  Our value is not based on what society claims.

In this Christmas  season, my heart hurts because God’s desire is to see all children valued, all elderly and in our society and around the world there is a lack of love for those who are considered “an inconvenience” because they have come at a “wrong time” or they are sick or considered to “bring no quality of life”.  We must understand that those who are older are to bring wisdom and those younger are to bring bundles of new blessings.  We have forgotten the innocent….. Jesus came to show all, the broken and dehumanized and the pharisee and arrogant, that we all have value.  We are not worthy of spiritual saving yet we are worthy of physical saving.  I think upon three doctors devaluing my life because of my location and because I was sick and thinking I did not deserve for God to die on the cross for my sins, but I did deserve to be rescued from physicians devaluing my life because they did not believe that my value was intrinsic.

Our society desires to live in a euphoric spiritual and virtual and unrealistic box, a box that consistently grows of “their views that make us valuable.”

Our society is constantly saying you must eat a particular way and particular foods, you must look a certain way, you must get a 4.0 and be on the cheer-leading squad and you must play on the football team and you must play any instrument.  The pressure on our society and young teens is unbearable.  Society tells young girls they must date, have sex and not get pregnant.  Our society has replaced the intimate value of sex inside of marriage and believing that it is a gift to give to someone outside of the covenant bond of marriage yet the child is not considered a blessing.

We are worth fighting for not that we may live but because we are alive.

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