America’s Got Talent-pregnancy and adoption

American’s Got Talent show featured Michael Ketterer who was one of the people who auditioned at the show and he shared his story in which has such candor and is inspirational! This story is about he and his wife’s daughter and adoption journey which was shared on the show.

He and his wife Ivy had a daughter who was not well either before or after birth.  Michael said, “The doctor said the woman I loved the most in life and my new daughter, they probably wouldn’t make it through the night … I spent the whole night praying, and miraculously my daughter pulled through,” said Ketterer. “My wife pulled through, but the doctors told us if we got pregnant, this would happen again.” Their daughter had dreams for 3 years. The husband shares that he and his family are not huge believers in people’s dreams meaning something, yet she kept having dreams about ha 3 brothers that she would have.  Her family chose to then adopt. Their first call was for 3 boys who needed to be adopted! Themanpost site states, “He soon told the amazing tale of how he almost lost his wife and daughter, with ‘signs’ later leading them to adopting five sons — three rescued from a squalid meth lab, one who was homeless, and another with cerebral palsy.”

We all have intrinsic value.


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