Ways to get involved in PRO-LIFE

Rachel Mary
Ways to Get Involved In Ending Abortion-
Susan B Anthony activities and events, campaign for prolife candidates, VOTE prolife if you can vote, prolife lobbying groups, standing outside the Supreme Court in support of prolife decisions, calling your legislators to ask them to vote prolife and implement prolife laws.
Legal (this more applies to college students):
Work with legal advocacy groups such as Thomas Moore and Alliance Defending Freedom
Sidewalk counseling:
Get trained (sidewalk counselors for life is great!), sidewalk counsel during 40DFL and throughout the year
In your daily life:
Post on social media, tell your friends, wear a prolife t-shirt, have conversations with people, etc. You can ALWAYS be prolife.
40 Days for Life https://40daysforlife.com/ The campaign starts today.:) What does one do when being involved with the organization 40 Days for Life? We stand outside of an abortion clinic, holding kind signs that are telling women there is hope (we have had a sign making party before), and we pray. Our presence is used to save babies lives! When women see us outside they see that there is hope and they see Jesus’ hope and many times women choose life just by us being outside.:) God wants women in crisis to know that they deserve better than abortion and that there is hope.
You can start a Students for Life of America group at Living Science or at your college!:) https://studentsforlife.org/high-school/
How to do it? Watch this video: https://studentsforlife.org/high-school/start-a-pro-life-group-on-your-campus/
What is a pregnancy resource center? It is a center where women who are maybe contemplating abortion come to get free services. We are there to pour hope into them and to be encouraging them to choose life. If a woman is choosing life she can be involved in a program called Earn While You Learn alongside other resources for them. This is done in most PRCs and if they do not do this one, there are so many other resources alongside EWYL. A woman doing EWYL can come into the center and watch videos on parenting etc and they can have money put on a center’s credit card that is their own that they can spend at the high end thrift store connected.
Serve at a Pregnancy Resource Center:
-Have an internship at a pregnancy center
-Make blankets for crisis centers for the moms as baby gifts
-Serve at a thrift store connected to pregnancy resource center & fold clothes
-Train to be an advocate in training/counselor at one of the pregnancy resource centers (encourage women to choose life for their babies)
Georgia Right to Life- http://www.grtl.org/ Their goal is to educate on personhood and so recognizing the preborn to the elderly as persons. Their goal is to educate on the value of all life and, to change politics.
You can go to their banquets. This past month they had the REACH Benefit Dinner at the elegant Cobb Galleria Centre on September 13 from 7:00pm – 9:00pm. This year’s keynote speaker they had Sol Pitchon, MA, CEO of the Tampa Bay pro-life ministry, New Life Solutions.
You can get involved with a county chapter in your county at GRTL. The county chapter leaders are volunteers at GRTL that lead events in their county/spreading the word and gathering people in their county to be involved in pro-life events to end abortion. Depending on what county you are in, I could connect you with the leaders.
County Chapter Events: Some of the events that are done in a chapter county are:
Organize educational events
Hold special events like praying outside of abortion clinics and singing Christmas carols outside of abortion clinics near Christmas
Chapters have an education seminar, Pillars of Personhood, on a Saturday all day event. This is an apologetics course/bioethics course. Then after the seminar usually a couple of days after you are able to have the opportunity to go on a college campus and engage with the college students walking with a thought provoking personhood display. The display has precious photos of people who are considered “hard cases”etc. This display draws people to talk to ask questions and see a different perspective if they aren’t pro-life and if they are getting them involved.
Catherine Davis Luncheons are held the third Thursday of every month at Maggianos as pro-lifers gather to get a free lunch and hear a speaker talk about a pro-life topic. This could look like talking to someone about the foster care system and the need for foster parents etc. It is not a political event.

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