D&C for a Miscarriage

Dilation and Curettage (D&C)

A D&C for a miscarriage

Just in the past two days, I have been pondering and deeply grieved over this thought that maybe there are miscarriages that are misdiagnosed.  I have cried thinking that medicine may actually be doing D&Cs on live children whose parents were told that they miscarried.  I have deeply struggled with the medical field doing D&Cs.  All of these thoughts and emotions are always flooding my heart in these days and I can’t but not cry and feel frustrated.  I am frustrated because I feel the more I think about the OBGYN field, the more my heart feel heartbroken, as I type my eyes are full of tears because this field is taught to take lives in every every every situation.  I have had this awful feeling that indeed abortions are happening on children who are given a misdiagnoses with no heartbeat.


Why would I have such an odd thought if I have no proof with multiple stories? I have heard many stories of children who doctors say are miscarrying or who have and they are born alive. I believe that women and medicine are being taught and told lies. I believe this proves that sometimes medicine devalues and dehumanizes the preborn in the womb.

I also grieve when there are children who live after a miscarriage and the doctor does NOTHING to give them medical care.  If the child is not far enough along to “technically” give medical care to why doesn’t medicine come up with NEW medical advancements?????

Extremely odd, as I googled miscarriages and D&Cs, I came across this site which seemed to affirm my concerns. God seems to confirm that these thoughts such as believing that genetic testing is eugenic to this thought which I have never been told through any article is potentially proven to be correct as I at least find 1 site for both concerns that have affirmed my concerns, but I am NOT saying I am right just thinking out loud.

I want you to know that every day and every night I cry and pray and pray and pray and weep over the OBGYN field and how they are taught to devalue the littlest ones even through a “miscarriage” and how they are taught in the most evil, eugenic ways and they don’t even know this.  I mean that doctors are misdiagnosing miscarriages not knowing it and maybe preforming a D&C on a live child.  Please forgive my detailed thoughts but I am just so sad……………….. SO odd… as I googled photos of miscarriage D&Cs, I couldn’t find many photos after a D&C yet one of the few photos I found, which was odd are the photos I found of a D&C were women’s reproductive systems and not of a D&C.Do you know why? I bet because these children look so harmed that medicine knows they would be busted if they showed how the child looked afterwards.

Photo Credited:https://www.obgynecologistnyc.com/procedures/dilation-and-curettage-dc/


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