Chickeneggpics is an organization designed to teach medical students around the US about the “benefits” of abortion.  They have multiple films talking about the “hard work” that abortion workers had to keep doing in their own office after abortionist George Tiller died.  The site says that these workers know that abortion is murder yet they keep working there for the women.  Those workers are so deceived and my heart hurts for them as they could be the people standing up for women but yet they are suppressed by that lie. Pray for them. God desires to see them understand truly that loving women is walking along side them in their pregnancy, not ending their child’s existence.

This site also has a video called BEAUTIFUL SIN featuring three women who aren’t able to go through the IVF process in El Salvador because it is banned. Even though IVF sounds great, it is extremely destructive. More children are harmed in IVF than are even born. El Salvador does it right!

Chickeneggspic, site is about teaching medical students about why abortion is “good.” Their organization partnered with Medical Students for Choice.

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