How to reach the world? How to make a pro life society? One doctor at a time!

How does one reach the OBGYN field, MFM and IVF fields who are for abortion?  As I admire and have joy that there are many pro life (truly 100%) OBGYNs and believers, my heart is consumed and giddy that women and their littles are treated well.  I stop for 1 second and can only focus on the OBGYNs that do love Jesus and see this perfect OBGYN community of doctors who make Him shine.  Yet I go back to the thought process of contemplating how He will reach all the other OBGYNs and not that I have wondered how but more so contemplating when it will all happen.


In my heart a dream that is not of my own has been to be able to talk with OBGYNs person to person or in a group setting about the issues in the OBGYN community with ACOG, IVF and much much much more even miscarriages and connections that may lead to abortion.  My spirit grieves for the field but I feel much hope.  All I want to do in this life is see Him take the passion that He has burst in my heart and share it with the medical field.  If I could have that, I would have the world in my hands.  The world lies in the hands of OBGYNs and that is why I say this.:) I would love to talk about how OBGYNs maybe could handle situations with a young girl who wants an abortion and talking through what to say etc.  I think that sometimes there are OBGYNS who LOVE JESUS A LOT but since ACOG never wants anything pro life talked about and the OBGYNs are in a secular world, they do not know about different things in the pro life world and I want to talk to them about that! How to make a pro life medical community and society? One doctor at a time!

I believe with all my heart that OBGYNs are the counselors and their office is a PRC.:) I think it is so important for the world to realize that if the medical field would use their gifting for respecting the dignity and sanctity of human life, the world would be a better place.  I feel like the pro life movement is like a house and in this movement there are many doors that pro lifers can walk through.  They can walk through the “teen pregnancy PRC” door, the “hard cases” door, the role as a PRC worker, exposing PP but the door that hasn’t been explored by many is the medical field.  I mean the OBGYNs to the IVF doctors to the MFMs.:) I feel that Jesus has led me to do this and I can’t contain my joy!


Keep SHINING His Light Dear OBGYNs who love Jesus!!!!!!:)

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