The power of Yes

Did you know that over 90% of children who have DS are not here on this earth?? Did you know that their lives were targeted??

90% of children are not alive today because they had DS….. can you believe this! I cannot…..

Sunflower Mae Lara is a young girl who has DS and had a beautiful birth mother who made an adoption plan.


I want to pause for one second and think about this birth mom. I do not know her but I know that she is a magnificent woman. You are strong, powerful, loving, caring, empowering, liberating and courageous! The abortion movement never (and they purposely so) mention the strength of you a mother who made an adoption plan but your stories are the greatest show of Christ’s love. Birth mother, your sacrifice reminds me of the Father. The Father sacrificed His own Son’s life for us. You birth mother are a hero!! May your story be heard from every rooftop! Jesus wants us to be His children. This is another great example of adoption! Sunflower’s mom saw the true worth of her daughter when so often most can buy into the belief that harm is healing but this mother knew that her daughter has worth.  If you are a woman in crisis considering abortion know there is hope and adoption is the greatest blessing and gift and sacrificial blessing you could ever give to your child/children ( how many you are carrying) and also to yourself.  You see the world wants to lie and say that abortion doesn’t harm but it does because it hurts every intrinsic desire in a woman to care and nurture her child. It harms the life…..90% of children with downs syndrome are aborted…….


Now on to adoptive parents, you are strong!! You are loving, you are empowering not only Sunflower’s bio mom to have the reassurance that Sunflower has a great adopted family as well as empowering Sunflower but you are also empowering other women and their children through showing the beauty of adoption! When who make an adoption plan are often not spoken about in our society but you have brought even more understanding to our culture of the beauty of adoption! You are heroes!!! You are treasures! You bring hope and peace and reassurance! You bring joy! You bring opportunities for Sunflower to know Jesus and for her to know how amazing not only our Lord is but for her to have a biological mother who loves her SO dearly and for her to have adoptive parents that love her SO dearly as well!


Thank YOU Sunflower’s biological mother AND the adoptive parents, Andy and Mercedes for bringing His SONSHINE(through the biological mom) and his continual SONSHINE through Andy and Merecedes into the world through this beautiful girl!:)



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