Every Chromosome

Every chromosome makes us who we are but not every chromosome fills us with joy.  IF we only had another chromosome the world would be filled with joy.

Every time I meet a person with DS there is a joy that exudes from their soul that is not just “feeling” happy but a pure joy.  Why can’t the rest of our world have this joy? Why can’t they see the joy and beauty in all life and embrace every opportunity? Why is it as if most people are so negative and focused on themselves? Why have we stolen His Joy from our world? How have we stolen this peace that society looks for? We have taken our own children away believing it will heal our situation.  We have no peace also because children with DS have His peace and we have taken the lives of over 90% of these children.   It is so odd to me that doctors are taught that sick children or unwanted children or children who have a chromosomal difference are seen as burdens which is the exact contrary of who they are.  I believe that society does not want to face His joy and His peace despite grieving sick children and so society takes the road that will actually cause sorrow and not joy and they end the lives of babies.


We have lost our joy and peace because we have taken it away in the name of medicine.

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