If the Patient could speak

If the patient in a coma could speak, what would that patient ask the doctor to do for their life? They would ask the doctor to fight for their life. America though saying they are the leading nation in healthcare also states that harm is healthcare. What I believe is that our country who claims to be the leading nation in healthcare is actually the most dangerous place to be.

The odd thing to me is that ACOG treats a child in another location, the womb, as almost an inconvenience and bother.  Medicine has gotten to the point not just in the past 15 years but beyond this day in which they are not blind to the sickness of the people. Yet, they are at the core believing that they can decide who to fight for and who to let die. No matter the degrees of a PHD or MD or FACOG that a doctor may hold, these degrees do not qualify or  exceed the qualifications of Our Messiah Jesus who formed US ALL!:)


If any patient is in a critical situation in which they can’t speak for themselves, physicians  would fight for their lives because they would know that the patient wanted to be fought for. Every physician would be their advocate. The tide shifts when it comes to the preborn child.  There is a view that a child who is sick in the womb, if having a voice, would be expected to say they do not want to live yet the child who is in the NICU,  is expected to want to live and therefore the physicians therefore see the need to fight for their life on “most” occasions because they can see the child now that the child is outside of the mother’s womb.  Every person who is sick would say they want to live and be fought for and yet this is not said about the preborn child.  Medicine acts as if the child in the womb would not want to live and that that preborn child has no value.  Why is this?

I have always found it curious the amount of families who were told to abort after A. having prenatal testing and B. finding out their child was sick, and so I went on a hunt to prove that prenatal testing was eugenically based. Well someone had that same thought process and by God’s providence I found the article. I think society is dancing on a line and slowly embracing and justifying euthanasia for the young children also outside the womb.  Think about baby Charlie or this other young child who is going through a similar situation right now as we speak.  It is sad that medicine is taught to believe that the greatest way to “help” someone is to harm them.  The medical field has much power and I feel that it has been used to harm and not heal the most vulnerable because medicine has been the leader in the eugenics movement for all evils.  They are the ones who are taught the lies and buy into them. The Bible talks about in Isaiah how evil will be called good and good will be called evil.  That is happening in our day and age in the medical field calling harm healthcare.


In regard to the child given a poor in utero diagnosis, this argument that is stating that the child would have a poor quality of life who is supposedly sick and so justifying abortion is not an argument based on the child and what they would want. Someone’s health status does not define a person’s value nor minimize a person’s value yet the medical field so often makes value judgments on the sick baby inside the womb.  The medical field not only plays God by assigning value to the preborn child based on health status but strips the preborn child of the right to continuing his/her own life based on these value judgments.

Society often says that we must fight for the weakest among us yet they deny our most helpless Americans their intrinsic right which is the right to their very continuation of their lives.

My mom would say that when she taught preschool that she and the other teachers would use a simple phrase to help the little children understand how to be kind human beings as they would say, “Please use helping hands, not hurting hands.”  This is a life lesson that so many physicians who suggest abortion have forgotten as they participate in the ending of a human life.  If at a young age, our youth, rightly so, are being taught the value of helping and not hurting, why in the name of higher education and “healthcare” are our ob/gyns being taught that hurting hands (ending of human life-abortion) would ever be called healthcare.

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