A New Kind of Genocide

down syndrome wrong way to view a child                                                     creepy racist

I read an article below that promotes me to type.


This is a new kind of genocide in “medicine” not by skin color but genetics.

As I googled photos of a child  who has a particular diagnosis, a photo came up of a diagram of a child with DS showing the body “markers” and it is to me racist. That diagram was showing a new kind of targeting.  The photos above show how humanity wants to categorize who they find valuable.  Now you may just think this is a diagram of a child’s features so what is so evil about this?  Well it is the fact that we point out features in a child to try to “prove” that they are less human.  I found it to be sad and extremely evil and disheartening. I want to share the photos to show the similarities in how the racism was shown. The African American  people AND the Jews were “compared” in facial features to the other people to justify their death and segregation. My heart felt sad when I read what this man said in the website. He has photo quotes that show the value of those with DS but the word that he spoke in his blog was of a great contradiction. My two issues with the blog were that he mentioned PGD which is a test done on many children at one’s embryonic level in IVF to determine if they are “not healthy” then they will die. But this man considered it caring. Also he said that a preborn child with DS in “abnormal” well I feel that the PGD has caused/causes a scary view toward children with DS. You may say that it wasn’t because it was “fact” but the facts are you see the evil heart of man and are acting as if the child is less valueable due to health or their amount of chromosomes. May we show love to all life.


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