Dear child…I hear you in every hospital in America

Every time I go to a hospital either by passing or inside I can’t but think of the children who were or are going to be aborted. This evil done in a place that is supposed to heal and give life takes life to our very littlest. As I sat in the hospital, tears were falling on my face. My face was stained in bright pink and I was in ache for you who has no change. A life so short yet so vigorously bright Yeshua’s light You are in all time. While satan’s snare and mothers dare to take your life and doctors stare and life’s dared tricks you will be hurt on this earth but my child you are not forgotten by Yeshua’s Hands dear child so frail so small and young a life so short by satan’s heart and mother’s choice a mother deceived by laws and strife. Your life is a loss for a mother and world, for father and daughter and uncle and sister and brother as children you may in the future generations who may never come and families who will never be dear child I fear for our Godless world.

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