A Pro Life OBGYN/MFM’s must have pro life guide

POSTED Feb. 16, 2018
A Pro Life OBGYN/MFM’s must have pro life guide
Dear OBGYNs, I want to say thank you for your heart for women and I wanted to share about some amazing new discoveries.
There is a way to reverse the RU-486 pill.  Here is the website! I am really hopeful that each of you can learn how to reverse it! Why is this important you may wonder? Well if are on the fence about the concept of abortion or you are very much for abortion I wanted to share that this pill starves the baby to death.  This pill cannot along with all abortion ever be seen as “a quick fix.” I truly know that you, pro life OBGYNs, are the crisis centers…you each are the advocates and the first responders! Abortion Pill Reversal

See how to save babies who are older:https://www.abortionprocedures.com “If a woman has been dilated with laminaria, but not yet undergone the surgical abortion, she can still change her mind. Depending on how much her cervix has dilated, there is a potential risk of miscarriage as dilation continues because her body may begin contractions and labor. A woman who changes her mind should immediately contact a medical professional to ensure the laminaria is properly removed.1

  1. Kaufman, K. The Abortion Resource Handbook.” New York: Fireside, 1997, 32, 153.”
2nd-There is training for NaPro Technology and this gets to the root of miscarriages, and infertility, and this is for every obgyn and MFM and family doctor to hopefully ALSO implement!!!!!!!!!!!! See below: New Technology!
Thirdly- if a woman comes in seeking an abortion I advice you to have a list of ONLY Pregnancy crisis centers and not to tell her where to look up an abortion or to go to an abortion place but to know that this is your time “For such a time is this” to be used to be the advocate to show the HOPE IS CHOOSING LIFE and telling them the beauty of choosing life!!! Be radical for Jesus!:)   Along with this they have videos that you may want to share with patients depending on how far along they are.  This websites shows the most common abortion procedures. My mom, who serves at a crisis center shows clients and many women who watch this video are impacted and have chosen life. 2nd Trimester Surgical Abortion: Dilation and Evacuation (D & E)

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