A Physician Like Her


A  physician like her: http://www.theradiancefoundation.org/trailblazer/

Dr. Mildred Jefferson fought for every life! She saw the intrinsic value and has a powerful testimony! Please see the video.


If every doctor were her then this world would see all people as valued and the medical field would never devalue a soul!

Every doctor has unique giftings and power to change a person’s life for the worst or the better. This doctor can choose to disagree or agree to the morality and immorality of society’s social issues and place their own beliefs in their practice or on the ballot. As a doctor comes and moves into his or her profession while in schooling and residency they have a choice to either believe or disagree with the moral and immoral views of this world.  Being an Obgyn who is truly pro life means that they are an advocate and sees their office as a crisis center. These doctors see themselves as an advocate/medical provider who is not being silent about their views on abortion when a woman asks them their thoughts or mentions that they want to have one or need information.  These doctors truly share their thoughts because they are using their giftings for His glory and because of their love for Jesus they know they are responsible to God. They realize that they aren’t disobeying the medical profession as the medical field should always be fighting for all life and not minimizing lives due to their location. They share about pro life with people who are concerned and contemplating abortion. Pro life doctors would be dishonoring God to not choose to take the gift they have been given to share about the beauty/necessity it is to choose life with a scared or mad or sad young girl who so looking to the doctor, the one who is responsible to share about life, to give guidance and it is not “getting in her privacy” or “her choice” to choose because God made YOU a doctor for such a time is this and He desires to see you use your power to fight for all lives and stand up for the defenseless and voiceless so you be bold and fight for this life and I beg you to be engaged in only life affirming conversations and not shying away from being bold in love about the beauty of choosing life. If a doctor refers for abortion by giving any kind of information or saying where they can look up a location they are as much a part of the harm of the child as the abortionist themselves.  This may be because that doctor had wanted to clearly not think about the matter and this young girl looks to doctors for guidance and doctors must not be pushed down by the social and political views that they do not have to say anything about the situation. Doctors will have blood and it will be on their hands but if they do not in any manner refer or give info then they will know that they honored the King for such a time is this.
Abortion is not a social issue or a “medical issue” it is the holocaust of our day! The field of OBGYN has told them to be silenced if they do fight for life and to be bold and loud if they do not fight for life. The greatest way you can be an advocate for women’s health is by fighting for that dear life in the womb. As I have heard often, ““If abortion is about women’s rights, then what were mine?” Gianna Jessen (an abortion survivor) (http://julieroys.com/gianna-jessen/)
If you are confused about abortion and your views within this topic are believing that abortion is right no matter what or if you dislike abortion but believe “it is a women’s right for her to choose and for you to let her” please know that this is not a right of a women as abortion harms women’s souls and as you as a doctor are excited about how the female reproduction occurs I ask that you support this process through a pre born baby being able to live by you encouraging this young girl to keep her child and being an advocate for a life “for such a time this.” If the birth of a child is so exceptional why as medicine not as excited about that life before they are born?

The photo is credited by:https://leavenfortheloaf.com/2014/02/27/mildred-jeffersons-inspiration/


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