To leave a puzzling situation with a puzzle making God


Jan. 31, 2018 (doing edits now on April 17, 2021) This puzzle has many pieces.  I have never felt the need to share such a depth of my heart but tonight I am.

My parents were told by three top doctors to end my life and they refused!:) My parents knew that my life’s worth was not dependent on location or health but on the intrinsic value we each have from our Creator, Jesus.

As you know by now their situation wasn’t puzzling to them but it was to a few OBGYNs.  It was puzzling to the three that didn’t fight for me. It confused them as to why my parents would find my life so valuable when hearing that I was sick.  It puzzled them to hear my parents not accommodating to the physicians telling my parents they must harm my life. My dear wonderful beautiful parents said Yes to His life plan and no to the ways of the world. As they were strong in this fight for my life others were puzzled.  Some  were confused as to why my parents were not mad at God as I could die.  They asked if my parents were. My dear parents said, “Why would we be mad at God? He has never left our side and will never change.”

A puzzle has many pieces and God allowed many pieces to occur so that He can clarify the puzzles in other lives.  There were my parents fighting admits the puzzled doctors.  My parents, grammy and aunts and uncle and Grandpa were my LIFE saving puzzle pieces along with my Covenant family and three doctors who fought for me.  As I speak of a puzzle piece, the significance is beyond a confusing shape made out of paper or metal, it is His Story woven from His puzzle and the pieces He allowed to be involved.

SO I leave you with this:  Every person has a puzzle and God is not confused about the pieces He allows.  He does not cause evil but He allowed the three doctors who didn’t care for my life to be involved because He asked me to forgive and to pray.  I would never have known the evils of abortion, knowing that children are harmed for their sickness, in such a personal manner had it not been for this puzzle my Lord allowed to be put together.

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