Who is ACOG?

ACOG is the American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology.  ACOG was “Founded in 1951, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists is the specialty’s premier professional membership organization dedicated to the improvement of women’s health.”https://www.acog.org/About-ACOG/About-Us

ACOG says they care deeply about women’s health. They provide articles about legislation and ethical matters. They speak about infertility and gynecological issues.  They speak about breastfeeding/delivery.

Yet at its foundation, ACOG is all about promoting abortion.  ACOG believes that the harm of a preborn child is more important than protecting them.  One of the founding fellows of ACGO, joining in 1952, Dr Jane Hodgson was a longtime abortion rights advocate. Right here we see the very foundation of ACOG was founded in a culture of death cleverly disguised as women’s healthcare.  Dr. Hodgson was such a strong supporter of abortion that she received the Planned Parenthood Federation of America Margaret Sanger Award in 1995.  Margaret Sanger who founded Planned Parenthood was a eugenist and this award is founded in applauding the recipient’s work in abortion advocating which of course is inessence an award applauding the furthering of the culture of death and marginalizing an entire people groups’ lives.


This proves their bias.

A quote to start from an article entitled, “Increasing Access to Abortion.” In a part of the artle it states, ”

  • Eliminate the federal Hyde amendment and other federal and state restrictions on public and private insurance coverage of abortion. Public and private insurance coverage of abortion care should be comparable to that of other essential health care services and not singled out for exclusion or additional administrative or financial burdens.
  • Cease and repeal legislation that creates barriers to abortion access and interferes with the patient–provider relationship and the practice of medicine, including for example
  • telemedicine bans,
  • medication abortion restrictions,
  • mandatory counseling and delays, and
  • Targeted Regulations of Abortion Provider (TRAP) laws.
  • Ensure public funding for opt-out abortion training for medical student, resident, and advanced practice clinician education (where training is routinely integrated but those with religious or moral objection can opt-out of participation), and remove governmental restrictions on training programs and funding.
  • Expand the pool of first-trimester medication and aspiration abortion providers to appropriately trained and credentialed advanced practice clinicians in accordance with individual state licensing requirements.
  • Enhance enforcement of Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances and other criminal and civil provisions and vigilance by local law enforcement to protect patient and abortion provider safety.
  • Encourage hospitals and women’s health care providers to support abortion care as essential medical care for women, eliminate barriers to the provision of abortion care in these settings, and preserve availability of comprehensive reproductive health services in communities undergoing hospital mergers.


The College supports women’s right to decide whether to have children, the number and spacing of their children, and to have the information, education, and access to health services to make these choices (1). In the United States, where one half of all pregnancies are unintended, almost one third of women will seek an abortion by age 45 years (2). Underserved women, including those who are low-income, experience the highest rates of unintended pregnancy and abortion (3). The most effective way to reduce abortion rates is to prevent unintended pregnancy by improving access to consistent, effective, and affordable contraception.”



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