Prenatal Testing- Ethical, or Correct?

Prenatal Testing in my mind is a great controversy from not only an ethical stand point but from a Biblical stand point.  I think that often the foundation is not known and therefore it is justified.  Medicine is taught that prenatal testing is okay and correct because it allows parents to know the diagnosis of the child.  Yet the issue is where does that start to branch off into playing God or more so acting as if we are Lord over all?


Prenatal testing though seemingly helpful causes the divide in which where to go after you find out the diagnosis and this is the exact divide that the founders in medicine wanted or more so a leaning toward one response and action, abortion.

Even though medicine is taught that prenatal testing can help often times parents are told to abort.  This testing causes issues because there is no real reason why any parent should know that their child has such sickness or more so there is no reason why physicians in general think they can tell a parent to end their child’s life just because of the diagnosis given.


Prenatal testing as with all ethical issues that are controversial are often times eugenically based.


Think about Nazi Germany, there were “medical procedures done” to identify people’s height and weight etc to then exterminate their lives and put them in the box of the unwanted and worthy of death camps.

Perinatal testing though sounding like a leap is the same concept.  Medicine identifies “markers” in (I believe are often false markers because so many children are aborted and do not end up having those sicknesses) children in which they segregate the children to be categorized as the “downs child” or “trisomy baby” or “sick baby.”  Children aren’t their diagnosis and these tests make children as their diagnosis and see them as if their identify is now in their sickness vs their identify being in their innate God Image bearer.

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