Downs syndrome-inside vs outside


Downs syndrome is often seen as a cruel diagnosis that parents must get rid of quickly, by often many OBGYNs and MFMs in America.  Although no pediatrician would tell a parent to take the life of their baby with DS outside the womb.

Now I spoke first off with such a lack of personhood language to help you understand the language in which many see the preborn in the womb.  They/society does not see those who have disabilities in the womb as people. They often do not see them as the people that they are but as a “diagnosis” and no person is to be defined as their diagnosis but as the wonderful person they are!:):):)  Those who are in the womb with a DS diagnosis, 90% of the time are aborted and therefore these children are not valued by society and they are dehumanized. Yet outside the womb someone with Downs syndrome is seen for their value not for the amount of chromosomes they have.  This is quite confusing as to how the medical field can see the preborn who have DS as a burden yet outside the womb people who have this diagnosis are championed and shown their value and the world is trying to end the stereotypes about disability.  If we cannot learn to value the preborn with Downs syndrome inside the womb then we will always have a stereotype.

May I ask you what does 6 inches (distance between the womb and outside the womb) do to change someones’ value?  Over 90% of children who are diagnosed with DS (often the tests are inaccurate) were and are going to be aborted.  These dear children are seen as special and valuable and loved outside the womb yet their innate value is dismissed inside the womb.  If the world devalues them inside the womb then I humbly want to say that society doesn’t truly value the preborn in the womb or the child out of the womb as they(society) does not care for the child by recognizing their intrinsic value of their life.   In our nation we say we are for human rights but with laws that allow the death of some of our members of society how can we say we value human rights.  Our society should do all that we can to bless each/every life no matter the location and health status. We are all made in God’s image:)

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