“Your Choice”

“Your Choice”
A young high school man, watching a lonely boy at school being bullied daily ends up taking his life. This high school man stands in utter conviction as this young man takes his life realizing that he never stood up for the boy and never was a friend to him.  As the high school student gets another chance to reach out to another new high school student who is being bullied wants to commit suicide, the “it” boy encounter’s God’s grace and accepts Jesus.  This young man gets his girlfriend pregnant and as she finds that she must abort this child, the young high school boy runs over to her and states, “I will support you either way.” Either way with what?  He states that whether you go through with this abortion or you parent I will support you.  The dichotomy I would say is quote confusing.  This young man can accept if their child is taken away from them yet he can’t accept the young man about to commit suicide? Why is the child in the womb seen to have less rights and value than the young man who is bullied? Why is the child in the womb to be held under the law of punishment over the supposed ‘wrong timing?’ Why does society find that legality does equal morality? I ask you this question as a thought provoking one:

A. I feel it is important and vital that we ask what God thinks about abortion?

B. Why can the ‘right for the woman to chose what she wants’ be considered a ‘choice?’ How is the ‘right’ to harm a child a ‘choice’ or a ‘right?’

 And how can the legality in our nation make us testify to our loyalty to the world over God’s Word.  The child in the womb is not less needing protection and care than the young man bullied.  The child’s location should not make this young boy believe that the justification for his girlfriend taking their baby’s life acceptable. To what point will it be realized that life is life and NO desire, NO feeling, NO concern, NO pressure, NO relationship, NO frustration, NO past experience, NO financial reasoning is a justification to kill a child.  What bill amount do you need to pay off that can take away from the priceless gift of a child that you must take the baby away? What concern medically is the baby’s time ‘to short’ on this earth to justify the taking of this child? What wicked rapists or family member or gang rape or john be for the child to be punished by abortion? Your rapist will most likely never go to jail, do not punish the gift form the horrid act of violence.  Rebecca Kiessling, who was conceived in rape, states “I did not deserve the death penalty for the crimes of my father.” As I watched the movie, “To Save a Life” the dichotomy of the movie’s message talking about all people’s innate value yet the minimization in the life of the unborn was a strong depiction of the world and churches casual view of God’s immanent stance on the value of ALL life.

I know I am preaching to the choir but these children’s lives are VALUABLE to God and yet, even in Christendom, we treat these dear children as if “it is up to the mother what she wants to do.” Where is that strength from the boyfriend, who says he loves God yet thinks it is an option for them to shed innocent blood? How can he be fine with it and think that it is up to her? Why, why, do we say that the shedding of blood is “up to the mom to choose?” What kind of “choice” is abortion for these women? Stop mothers, fathers, doctors, boyfriends, sisters, friends, aunts, stop acting as if “it is up to her” if she should kill her own child. How is this a concept that should ever be “up to her” or anyone? Is life not precious? Abby Johnson, a former abortion clinic director and also having two abortions in her past says, “Legality doesn’t equal morality.”  Is financial, relationships with a boyfriend, drugs, alcohol, pressure, a justification for a mother to be told that she must kill her child ‘to live the life that she wants to live?’ Or for her to be told, “You can’t do it and we won’t help you.”
   She will never be able to live the life that was possible because if we harm our own ‘to live the life we desire’ then the plans for our lives will be knowing we harmed our child and what gratitude and relief can come from killing a child? AND how can a child being harmed cause relief for anyone and why do some doctors say and families, “This will help the child not suffer as they won’t live long anyway?” How can we justify harming a child because they are a sick child ? How can we justify harming them, a child because of life’s ‘wrong’ timing? Please as the body of Christ do not represent wicked as good and as an “option to choose from” as if in a buffet line for possibilities. Abortion is nothing a Christian movie should promote as the world does.



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