Frozen in Time

FrozenHandsLet us remember to make sure that we do not choose to keep a soul frozen in time but allow God to be the keeper of time not man.:)

Frozen in Time is what we often wish would happen in our life in a good season.  An analogy that we wish could occur in our life.  If we were frozen then our lives could be reflected on.  We could have time to reflect on every decision and thought we have ever had.  If our world was frozen for a time when our day or another persons was going wonderfully we could embrace the joyous moment we are in.  Do you wish that sometimes a day could be encapsulated and reoccurring forever?  Ponder a day for a second. Every second that we are alive has God’s gift recognized through it.  Can you imagine being able to change aspects of your life that you wish you would have chosen a different path, Jesus’s path?  Have you ever sincerely hoped that your dream would come true?  Frozen memories you could pick up and relive through a magnifying glass or like a snow globe.


Being frozen in time is an analogy that has come to life for thousands of people.   Being frozen is not a dream for any person truly living through it.  There are people who are frozen in time, yet some have a deadly fate while others have an adoptive home that awaits.  There are many who are frozen in time that will become experimented on through death and then the use of their dead cell will be implemented into an animal as considered scientific.   If this concept still is a bit fresh in your mind trying to comprehend if it truly happens to people or thinking who does it happen to and where, well I will explain more.

In IVF there are children who are considered “extras” and as under the law preborn children are not considered people. Science has the ability to treat a preborn child as a piece of property and to harm any preborn child’s life that they desire to.  This preborn child already has his or her hair, eye colors and gender determined.  This preborn child is growing rapidly.:)  This preborn child is God’s Image Bearer.  The preborn are seen as a means to an end.  You see society has changed the definition of “problems” to have made an innocent life the so called “issue” and “problem.” They do not realize that situations are problems but children are blessings within the problems.  Children are an inheritance from God.  You wonder why there is such an attack on life.   Well merely because what God LOVES- our humanity is what the enemy hates. If the preborn babe had a voice they would wish to never be frozen in time again.  They would ask that we give them a voice as they have none.  They would ask that we honor their lives no matter what stage, and age to give them a family.


When you wish your life was frozen in time…remember there are lives who are and our call is not to wish that our lives were frozen in time but to help these children be unfrozen. My hope is that this analogy is used to stir us into action to change laws that help people acknowledge the Personhood of every person no matter means of conception or location. Also my hope is that you consider adopting a child who is frozen.

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