Mary Kellet

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I want to introduce you to Mary Kellet. She is an inspiration and truly a strong woman.  Mary Kellet, whose child was very sick in utero, had to combat the medical field telling her her child had no value and that he should die.  She had to combat medicine not valuing her as a woman, the natural womanhood to bare children, by many in the the medical field denying the life that is precious that was growing inside of her. Medicine, time after time, didn’t respect her right as a woman to fight for her child.  Mary says, “The medical field did not respect my son’s life both before and after birth. After he was born they did not want to give him the ordinary care any other baby would be given because of his chromosome syndrome. They said he was not worth the resources to treat, that he would never contribute to society and that he would be a horrible burden to our family and we should just let him go. He was our great joy and gift from God!”

The photo was credited by Human Coalition.

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