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image1Every dear child, if I could tell you one thing I would say I am sorry.  I am sorry that our nation has turned its back on you and that others have been told lies about you.  I am very deeply sorry that our society has legalized over 40 years ago this atrocity.  I am so sorry that our nation believed they could redefine who God has already defined with value and love, you.  The love of the Father for every life is beyond our comprehension and in our nation because society has redefined again what God already defined we cannot understand His love.As redefinition of terms and understandings change our morals our world ends up being one of a lack of love and care.  This new term of “healthcare” views the preborn as disposable and a “burden” to be taken not only from the mother but from the world. This country has denied the most vulnerable their right to life, our preborn. I am sorry that our nation has seen you as a burden.  I am sorry that our nation has considered your intentional harm “just another issue.” I am sorry that in our nation some say they want to fight for you but they have tapped the ballot for those who do not fight for your life. Our nation has not only taken this precious life…yet they have also taken their friend, sister, daughter, aunt, uncle and so on….

Society has chosen to make the innate value of the preborn child’s worth but a “convenience.”  Society has taken a mother’s blessing from her as a mother then chooses to not allow her child to grow inside of her and many people who want to adopt are never parents to that child because their child’s life was aborted.  This child’s life who was aborted though society states has no effect on anyone has caused harm for over 60 million little children.  I cannot help to describe to this world as I know it is not about my words but the working of the Spirit through these words to open a heart up to see that every soul has value and intrinsic worth and dignity by the Maker and Creator of every person.  Our nation and world cannot get how wrong their view is to see every child that was and will be aborted as not valued and as “discarded goods.”  This nation does not know….what they have missed.  We have missed learning what love means for and from our youngest to our oldest to all in between.  Every child aborted was seen as an “issue too great to solve through help” therefore the “solution” was through the taking of life.  A nation that believes the taking of a child’s life will solve an “economic state” has fallen.  We trade problems to blame shifting.  We take economic and “timing and unexpected” realistic issues and put it on the very ones we should be trying our hardest to support more…. With a new member of a family we work harder to care for them but abortion sees a child as a “disqualified” family member and as the burden to all issues…we cannot and won’t solve our financial and healthcare issues and societal concerns if we believe that we “solve” them through the taking of life.  Love is deeper than fear….Concern is right but no way can we choose one life over another.  I heard a pastor once share a story with me.  He said that a couple came into his office asking his advice.  They asked his thoughts on their intention to abort. They had another child and often times there is a justification that so many use to choose to harm justify their own baby by saying,  “we can’t care for another child” and “we have to care for the 2 children now and that is too much.” This pastor who is Godly wanted to help them see what they are contemplating. He told this couple to go ahead and take the life of the one already born if they were so certain that they would not have time to prepare and maybe they could not care for two children and God used that to open the couple’s eyes of their sad heart to see their preborn child as disposable just because of their location and the view that the ending would someone “take care” of “the problem for them.” Then abortion was off the table as an option.  The taking of a life that’s in the womb will not care for your other children not in the womb as much as taking a child’s life outside the womb will not care for the ones outside and inside the womb.

This pastor who is pro life wanted to make this couple think about what they were pondering so with kindness and love and thoughtful heart this pastor asked them, “So if you are concerned about preparing for the baby…. why not harm the 2 year old then you will have time to prepare for this baby you will have longer.”  The parents said, “No that is murder we would never do that.”  The pastor responded then why isn’t it murder to end the child’s life that is inside of you.


If I could end with anything it would be this, I am going to fight until I die for your mother and father and you.


Dear families, do not believe the lie of abortion as it is a snare and trap to rob you from the greatest joy ever that you are a parent.  Pregnancy is often seen as the stage before parenthood but truly pregnancy is the beginning of parenthood and a parent’s duties look different in a new location but does not change the innate responsibility that you have for your little life outside the womb as much as the one inside the womb.

After writing this blog I wanted to find a picture and quote that could encapsulate this blog.  This quote seemed quite fitting and I had never heard it before so God’s timing.:)


This quote is found: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.pinterest.com/amp/mcortez01/what-a-great-example-saint-mother-teresa/


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