What is the purpose of prenatal testing?

What is the purpose of prenatal testing?
The question may sound curious, but the foundation of this question is not presented to parents when asked.  Most people (even doctors such as pro life doctors) do not know the foundation of prenatal testing.  Most would say that the purpose of prenatal testing is to help the child by preparing the family to know how to care for this baby. Right? Wrong.
Sadly, the origin of prenatal testing was not a demonstration of care for children but a lack of care which has been named “medical genetics.” (Osborn, 1965) Its real foundation was grounded  in eugenics.  There were many players in the eugenics movement. The term “eugenics” was coined by Francis Galton and in Greek means “well-born.” (Galton, 1883) Eugenics is a way (so cleverly disguised) to discriminate against those “deemed” unfit and unworthy by those that support this philosophy and goal of eugenics.
Frederick Osborn was the mastermind of the American Eugenic movement. His goal was to take the lives of children who were sick or disabled or a certain race and exterminate these people.  Osborn stated, “The term medical genetics has taken the place of the old term negative eugenics… The older term means efforts to prevent births among people deemed to be inferior, especially those with inherited disabilities.” Osborn sickeningly said, “The public should insist that doctors and public health authorities get to work at reducing the number of defectives.”(Osborn, 1941)  People made in God’s very image, he is calling the abhorrent term “defective.”  These eugenists use semantics to attempt to influence and bias those they are trying to convince of the merit of their philosophy.  These so called “defectives” were children that are sick. Osborn and people like him took on the eugenic movement under new names and groups to uproot medicine and cause there to be genetic testing in medicine to eliminate the children who are considered and deemed to have no value.
Prenatal testing and the large amount of abortions from that has caused the eugenic society to flourish.  Osborn used economic arguments to back it up his eugenic goals.  He found the targeting of children with Down syndrome nothing more than accomplishing one of his major goals to rid the world of those he saw unfit.  He said, “Now with modern medical care ‘they’ can be carried through to an age of thirty to forty years at an expense estimated at over $200,000 for each case of mongolism” (as Down syndrome was then called).  Osborn is basing the value of human life on the amount of chromosomes a child has and the cost attached with that.
Margaret Sanger, whose portrait can be found in the Civil Rights’ section of the Smithsonian, is another player in the eugenist movement.  How ironic that a woman whose goal was to eliminate African Americans would have her portrait displayed among heroes who fought for civil rights in the Black communities.  Children who had cleft palates, Down syndrome, cleft hands, anencephaly and other poor in utero diagnosis were considered horrid by Margaret Sanger.  She saw children with these health issues as detriments to society and wanted them gone.  Margaret Sanger was one of the most successful eugenists as she has been the reason for over 58 million babies and more who have never had a chance to continue their lives.  She called children who had certain poor in utero diagnoses the following: “lobster claw syndrome”, “anencephalic monster” and “harelip.” The child who was diagnosed with a cleft lip was called “harelip.” The child diagnosed with a cleft hand or foot was called “lobster claw syndrome.” The child with anencephaly was called “anencephalic monster.”  These are ways that Sanger described human beings made in God’s Image and even physicians have used these terms to describe children entrusted to their care. Children with sicknesses are extremely dear to God’s heart and yet this woman along with many other eugenists like her spent their entire lives working to indoctrinate others with semantics devaluing life.  They spent their whole life trying to redefine what makes a person valuable.  She was also known for stating that African American people were “weeds.”  Sanger, hailed as a civil rights icon,  was not who she presented herself to be as along with other eugenists, her goal was to eliminate certain people groups that she saw as unfit.    Prenatal testing, cleverly disguised as a way to help parents, is a tool with it is foundations in eugenics to eradicate certain people groups and deny their value as made in God’s Image.
As families try to help their children by getting tests to make sure they aren’t sick, this thought process was predestined for harm for your entire family, each member (preborn and born.)  Each quote from each eugenists was to state how physicians could become seduced by the eugenic foundation of “genetic testing” under the new term.  Eugenics knew how to target families.  They knew how to give scare tactics to make families think that without these prenatal tests, a family would not be receiving the best medical care possible.  So many doctors use these prenatal tests to scare families into thinking they could never consider raising a child who may be sick.  These tests, if taken, are often used by doctors to encourage and insist upon aborting a child wit a poor in utero diagnosis. Some doctors will use the results of these tests to place a judgment call on someone’s worth based on the level of their health.  These tests are no grand health care practice! They are a grand eugenic statement to eliminate your family, population control and ultimately devaluing life based on health.  Satan wants to steal families and we as citizens are willing inadvertently to do so. As you read Scripture tonight understand that what God states about the taking of innocent life and us being made intrinsically valuable from the moment of fertilization.  God’s children are His.  We are not labeled by God as how a doctor may label us. Hebrews 6:10, “God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.” No child is unseen or forsaken by their Creator. We are not defined as the world says, as our value from the start and never ending is of and from His Image! Genesis 1:27, “So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.” And this is just a small glimpse into the looking glass.
One can observe that eugenic people live in the mindset to brainwash us in the name of “medical genetics.”  Lejeune, who was a French geneticist wanted to get rid of certain preborn children who did not meet certain standards.  Lejeune founded the National Institute of Death which was a eugenics organization to eliminate the preborn that did not meet the eugenics’ standards.  As families are told to go to “genetic counseling,” they are really told to reject the children  that are not deemed  society’s “perfect race, fit” group of people.   Families who have a child who is sick in utero are often told by genetic counselors to abort and try again for a healthier child as if that sick child has no value and not worth loving.    In Human Life Review, Meehan shares, “When Osborn and other officers of the American Eugenics Society issued their report for 1953-57, they called heredity counseling the opening wedge in the public acceptance of eugenic principles.  They realized, though, that it was an uncertain process–a matter of educated guesses and calculations.”
As families go in to get prenatal testing, each family must be warned about the true purpose of prenatal testing that they will never hear from their physician.  Families must be warned that this will not help their family on any level.  Prenatal testing is a destructive tool used in our culture of death.  Its origins are rooted in redefining the value of human life and eliminating those that do not meet whatever the defined standard is.   The purpose of these tests was never founded in parents discovering a preborn child’s health to better care for that child but rather to eliminate them.



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