Poor Fetal Diagnosis

My friend Valerie wrote this for me!!!! She has done presentations sharing about how the preborn feeling pain as early as 8 weeks! See below!

Poor Fetal Diagnosis.   What is it and why do we care?

Poor Fetal Diagnosis is a label stamped on an unborn child when their internal anatomy scan or genetic marker test indicates some sort of congenital (inherited) abnormality.    These children typically are also labeled,
“Incompatible with Life” meaning they have little to no chance of surviving outside their mother’s womb.  
What these two labels together mean to most practicing physicians is they are not WORTHY of life, not WORTHY of the type of medical intervention anyone outside the womb would receive, even in the face of worse odds of survival.   Think about it for a minute.    The majority of the medical community says that for example if a patient presented with a cancer that had a survivability of less than 1%, they will be given all possible medical intervention to save their life, or even simply to prolong it.   A child with a better prognosis of let’s say 5%, is labled “incompatible with life” since its not likely they will survive outside their mother and given NO medical interventions.  In fact, they actually suggest simply killing the child – abortion.    This.  Is.  Insanity.    Name one other instance in patient care that we look at someone with low chances of survival and say “well…..this will take up too much time.  Too much money.  We are just going to dismember you so you don’t burden us with your care anymore”.   You won’t be able to think of a situation like this because in NO other cases do we treat patients/people this way.   It says a couple things about our society that we allow this.  One is that we deny personhood to these children.  They are instead considered trash.   They say this is all based on science, but oh how wrong they are.


The common mantra from the ProDeath (aborts) is “My body, My choice”.   Science says that wrong. 
In science, we classify groups of related organisms in a cascading order.   We used to do this based on the organism’s appearance (phenotypic characteristics).   As science has advanced, we now know an organism’s relatedness is due to its genetic code, or genes.   In humans, the sex cells split the parent’s code and Mom contributes half and Dad contributes half.  The child is a blend, a new genetic code.    The child is related enough to be the same species but distinct enough to be its own person.  The child’s body is NOT the mother’s body.  It simply resides in the mother’s body.    This is not an argument about biology and anatomical ownership but GEOGRAPHY.  
Let’s that the example of a person who gets in a very bad accident and is rushed to the hospital, unconscious and bleeding.    The patient can’t communicate.    They are completely reliant on others to take care of them in all capacities.   The hospital staff doesn’t park them in the corner and wait for them to be able to communicate and say “HEY!   I want to LIVE”.  NO, they assume they want to live because they are humans.   Babies inside their mother’s uterus also cannot communicate.   Why is it assumed they too want to live?   It’s due to the denial of their personhood but remember from above – their DNA, or genetic code, is that of one sharing the same genus and species as its parents.   Homo sapiens.   So why aren’t they see by everyone as human?   Science says they are.    The reason is geography.   Because they happen to reside for a time in their mother’s womb.    If that child was outside its mother, unable to talk and dependent on the care of others, it would be granted that care.    Geography again.

It is not about Biology in the end

When we step back and look at why we need to close the loophole in the Pain Capable Child Act, we need to present the hypocrisy of the exception.  The exception that allows for the state sanctioned execution of sick children in the womb.    While it is true they may have a short life, they may not even survive birth, but they are still human.   We execute them for circumstances beyond their control and the state is going to sanction execution by dismemberment simply because of GEOGRAPHY?
No, humans come in all sizes, shapes and varying degrees of medical challenges.   Who are we to label and limit the good they can do in this world?   Each soul is a miracle and gift from God and He alone knows His plans for them.   Only the giver of life can take it.    Who are we to value life or devalue life simply based on where is it?   That’s geography and has no place here.”



2 thoughts on “Poor Fetal Diagnosis

  1. Just so you know, the brain of an embryo is not connected to the spinal cord until nearly 10 weeks. Talk to a doctor, look up what brain dead means. It is cruel to keep a person alive as an elderly person or coma, if they are brain dead. We have a person in our family who asked to have his plugto the machine pulled once he is brain dead. Please know I understand how you feel cells are a baby but this won’t solve a raped person’s life or the challenge that Kathy Pick and Stephanie Spielman chose their own death of cancer while pregnant. Their children miss them. . . Just think!


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