passionate love

I say this out of a passionate love for those in the medical field.  I ask parents to read this to educate yourself on prenatal testing, to tell your doctor and to see the following pro life doctors on physician care.
I do not understand why abortion is and can be seen as “medicine.”  A preborn baby can feel pain at 8 weeks! These children feel pain…..they feel every part of an abortion.  These children must be saved, from fertilization!  I am confused, or I was, why is there prenatal testing done if doctors have no idea how to help the child or if they believe they can’t live and so why do doctors let parents know……I just……..these tests are done so that the sick die.  These tests are SO inaccurate many times!  And why do so many OBGYNs say to abort and pressure tests??????There is a direct correlation……the doctors who do say to abort, have an agenda, they expect you to abort. In their minds its probably seen as “easy fix” or “caring for women” or even worse “baby care.”  Abortion cannot care for any sick child……

Think about this, lets say that you have a doctor who is NOT PRO life and they are telling you to get a test and then say, “Oh your baby may have Downs syndrome. You must abort.” There whole tactic is to scare every part of you so that you will abort.  AM I WRONG? No…….

This is a systematic eugenic plot to kill every child who is sick in the womb through prenatal testing!  These tests do not offer info to a family needing help, if the doctor chooses to not give it.

Prenatal testing is a way to kill off the sick.

Pro life doctors have NO idea that this is the foundation!  We must educate them!

Next point-abortion takes away from embracing all children, healthy or sick, conceived in rape or incest or IVF(frozen children, “extra” embryos).

Abortion takes away from knowing how to and caring for a miscarriage from a medical standpoint properly.  If medicine can not care about the children that are unwanted they can as much so choose to NOT care about the children wanted.  They can be taught to minimize a miscarriage or a DnC due to miscarriage……..they can choose not to check the babies heartbeat again and again to check for any sign of hope….they can not do proper research so we do not know how to treat these medical considers such as Trisomy 18 because medicine is focused on killing people with conditions.  Medicine is focused on abortion and it has taken up their entire capacity to not know how to and to not learn how to love, respect, and care for the sick and those vulnerable.


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