Is abortion a sin?

Is abortion a sin?  Many Christians say that they are personally against abortion, they feel it is up to them i individual. If abortion is not a sin then the natural logic of such a conclusion is correct.

Yet if abortion is a sin then we are not allowed to suggest a choice for one to commit a sin is permissible as not for another because of choice.  God did not say if you feel like not obeying this law that I have set before you, it is your right to not obey and therefore you are intruding in my personal views as God.  No God never gave us an out with sin because of a “choice” and so why then do we justice such an act as a “personal view” rather than a morally flawed act against another.

Now speaking of “morally flawed act against another”, does this mean that we are mad at a woman who had an abortion…no…Does this mean we don’t believe that they can’t be forgiven too? No… Does this mean that we shun a pregnant girl at a young age or a sick child in the womb or a child who has been conceived through rape or incest? NO!

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