Genetic (or Eugenic) Testing

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“Prenatal testing is a huge funnel that’s wide at the top– enticing and pressuring women and couples to agree to testing–and narrowly pointed toward eugenic abortion at the bottom.”(meehanreports)

The foundation of genetic testing is not exactly what you would expect. Genetic testing is a way to test for different sicknesses in the preborn child.

Genetic tests unbeknownst to many are eugenically based. Genetic testing was praised by Frederick Osborn, the leader in the Eugenic movement after World War II.  Frederick Osborn was the man behind the curtain.  He came up with ideas to disguise his plan to annihilate the people group of the sick in the womb.  He greatly encouraged, “the influence of eugenics–a political ideology–on the science of genetics.”  As society stood against the right to life, some came  together to contemplate how to change the world for the “utopian” society that they aspired to have, and  it caused medicine to falter, and even pro life medical people do not even know the trap they have been set up for.

As we learn more about Frederick Osborn, I must go back and share about Professor James Crow.  Professor James Crow was on the board of the American Eugenics Society.  His desire was to consistently implement eugenics into genetics. Professor James Crow was a consistent supporter to the eugenics movement with being the past president to two genetic groups.  There were other names who were admired such as Theodosius Dobzahansky with many other leaders. Frederick Osborn was wealthy and graduated from Princeton.  His passion was eugenics. says, “Osborn and his eugenics colleagues were deeply involved in efforts to prevent the births of people with disabilities. They encouraged the influence of eugenics–a political ideology–on the science of genetics. And they supported development of prenatal testing and eugenic abortion in the 1950s and 1960s. Prenatal testing is a huge funnel that’s wide at the top– enticing and pressuring women and couples to agree to testing–and narrowly pointed toward eugenic abortion at the bottom.”

Osborn and the people he worked with had a passion to end the lives of sick children.  Osborn and his partners were influencing eugenics into the genetics of science!  They were huge proponents of abortion and prenatal testing.   He once told his colleagues in the American Eugenics Society: “The public will accept negative eugenics from the doctor in a way it would certainly not accept it from an organized but non-scientific movement.” Or, as he later said, “Eugenic goals are most likely to be attained under a name other than eugenics.” “(19) His establishment connections helped him bring this about. As a trustee of a major foundation, the Carnegie Corporation of New York, Osborn wrote a 1940 memo on its funding of research in human biology. That included what he called a “small but fairly rounded program in medical genetics.”(20) Around the same time, he wrote about a conference, funded by eugenics society members, of the “Committee on the Registration and Social Control of Subcultural and Defective Groups.” The Rockefeller Foundation, a major funder of eugenics, was represented at the conference.(21)

As we progress in our understanding about prenatal test,s I want us to dive into the underbelly of the eugenic movement and its strong supporters and the vocal hatred that now has been a part of the very life  for anyone who is walking through a sickness with your baby. says, “In The Republic, Plato endorsed infanticide under the euphemism of “put away”: “…the offspring of the inferior, or of the better when they chance to be deformed, will be put away in some mysterious, unknown place, as they should be.” says, “English scientist Francis Galton invented the modern form of eugenics and in 1883 coined the actual word “eugenics” from Greek words that mean “well-born.” He said eugenics “must be introduced into the national conscience, like a new religion.” Alluding to his cousin Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, Galton claimed: “What Nature does blindly, slowly, and ruthlessly, man may do providently, quickly, and kindly.”(6)

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