Quality of life-ethics

posted August 5, 2017 (making a few edits Feb. 26th, 2021)
When speaking on the subject of quality of life and thinking about the situation of when pro abortion doctors tell parents to abort their children because of a health condition because of a poor quality of life we see that ‘quality of life’ can become a way to devalue a person and base their value on it vs. our realizing we are made in God’s Image and He is Who gives us our value and worth as we are made in His likeness. IF the wrong person views quality of life based upon what gives someone our value then it is a horrid slippery slope for all.
The ethics of “quality of life” are extremely concerning depending on the physician presenting the information to the patient with either a pro life or pro death perspective of peoples’ inherit value and dignity. This term is subjective and causes any person to be the target. This term truly is chosen to be the new definition of value. And every person has innate value and this term is subjective as it allows people to say who is valuable. “Quality of life” gives some people who want to target people groups the freedom to do so. This term gives people the freedom to analyze certain people and people groups to say that they don’t fit this definition and therefore are worthy of dying. If medicine has to choose to kill people or keep them we need to find new “medical” developments. Medicine shouldn’t have to decide between killing someone and keeping them alive.  We can’t normalize death like taking someone off of life support. As we know talk about life support I want to say that this topic is of a delicate manner that I approach it. I believe that life support is used for God’s glory and also is sometimes not. Life support is used to help people to stay alive yet at what point are we trying to play God? Life support has one ending, taking someone off it. When we take someone off of life support we are killing them  and choosing to play God. God takes life and makes life not man. The term quality of life opens up doors that for judgement calls to be made on life that only God is allowed to make. The concept of trying to make such a statement on life support is absurd.  Every person deserves life.  This term is used to justify some of the medical field’s view to say it is okay to end a child’s life who is sick because they can’t live long.  Who says that time span determines value?

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