Down Syndrome

You may be feeling like you are in a crisis pregnancy, and we can help.  There is a kind of crisis pregnancy that is not talked about and often over looked. Have you been given a poor in utero diagnosis of Down syndrome?  One of the most important things to know is that just as your child  before getting the diagnosis was valuable, your child is still equally as valuable. 

People who have Down syndrome love their life and their parents cherish them as with their other children. What does the diagnosis of Down syndrome mean? Will my child talk, walk and be happy? As Vickie, who has a son with Down syndrome shares, “Your child will walk, talk, be joyful, contribute to your life, and enhance your other children’s lives.”

If you have these thoughts we are here to help you and to give you information, a hand to hold and an advocate to walk through this new diagnosis presented to you about your baby.

Down syndrome is a diagnosis but this diagnosis does not redefine your child’s value. Down syndrome can’t change how exceptional your baby is.  A Down syndrome diagnosis can be walked through with hope, help and care.  

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