All Life is a treasured gift even when unexpected or sick:)

My friend shared this story with me, “I took a city tour in Buenos Aires. I had a very friendly taxi driver and we talked most of the day (I used my very broken Spanish). At one point, we started talking about abortion (it is illegal in Argentina). I mentioned the Down Syndrome statistics (a high percentage of babies who have Down Syndrome are aborted in the US). He expressed his sadness with me on that subject. Then, he told me that when he was a baby, his mother nursed him and a neighbor baby boy who had Down Syndrome. The neighbor had adopted him and was unable to nurse him. He grew up with the boy and now the man (who must be 50ish) lives in the same house down the street from the driver and my driver’s children call him an affectionate term for “uncle” in Spanish.

Random story, but I thought it was too beautiful not to share. It’s amazing to hear stories of genuine kindness around the world.❤️”

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