Pregnancy Resource Centers

Dear PRCs, I am a former NICU baby who was diagnosed with a poor in utero diagnosis. After three doctors told my parents to abort me and my parent’s strong fight for my life 18 years later, I am currently working on a pro life legislative bill and have two ministries.:) 
This is for pregnancy centers or others also involved in pro life in various ways!

IN order for more lives to be saved, please read the following. I wanted to mention some important aspects to possibly add to your center.:):)

1st: Education videos: If I have not already talked to you about Dr. Levatino’s, a former abortionist, abortion videos I highly recommend them. They are done with Lila Rose, the president of Live Action.:) These videos are extremely well done and factually done. Dr. Levatino speaks from a kind, caring and compassionate manner in these videos. These videos are presenting to these women through a kind heart and manner what abortion is. They are hearing about abortion from a man who did abortions himself.  He has a position to state about what abortion is as he has done them and understands.  He is a wonderful and kind man who cares. These videos are powerfully used!
 Dr. Levatino is so being used by God to convey the realities of abortion and my mom has shown these videos to several of her abortion-minded clients, and the impact has been huge. We only show these videos to women who are considering abortion (AM or AV AND those who have never had an abortion before). Each video teaches women about the truth of what abortion is. 
I know the most common abortions that we see at least at our center are the pill.
He has a pill video and more:
Here is the official website:

Secondly adding “poor in utero pregnancies” on your website: I find it extremely important that if you do not already market on your websites about being there for women who have a poor in utero diagnosis, I highly recommend so. I was on an abortion clinic website and they advertised themselves as “caring for families who have a poor in utero diagnosis.” We must counter that and show families that WE are here for them. What I read on their website was horrid. They made themselves sound like a “loving and caring” place for families whose children are sick, and they offer abortions as the “solution.”  We must specify the poor in utero diagnosis so that they know they can come to PRCs. 

Thirdly, PRCs need to be open when abortion clinics are: We can never risk a missed opportunity for mothers and children to be saved because PRCs are not open when abortion clinics are. The PRCs are often closed during times when abortion clinics are open as during the holiday times and this is quite detrimental. If we are closed, they will go get an abortion. It is vital that these women know they can come and see us at anytime! I understand that staff need a vacation and humbly think in my opinion that we can rally the troops by getting volunteers to come in during the holiday break time vacation and even new advocates to shadow to see clients. I find it vital. If we are not open these women will have an abortion. As Abby Johnson a former Planned Parenthood director states about holiday break time vacation as I echoed, “I learned today that many pregnancy centers are closing down for the next two weeks. Okay. I get that people want a break or whatever. (my words change: need a holiday vacation.) But guys, the abortion clinics are NOT closing down. They will continue to perform abortions the days before and after Christmas. If they are open, then we MUST be open. We have got to find our sense of urgency here. And thank you to the PRCs who are remaining open during this holiday season!” Imagine a life saved the day after Christmas because our doors were opened! Imagine…. If abortion clinics are closed we are too, but if they are open we are too.
Lastly: I would be very excited to provide you all with a 100% pro life doctors referral list for your Pregnancy Resource Center so that you make sure that the doctors these women see when leaving you are affirming life as well and not telling them to have an abortion for any reason!:)

God bless you all,

Rachel Mary G. 

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