Abby Johnson a former Planned Parenthood Director’s words

Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood Director writes:
“I remember a baby that had been aborted in our Houston center at 16 weeks. I remember its body lying in the glass Pyrex dish in the lab. And then its tiny little hand that had been open, slowly close into a fist, as if to remind us of what had once been…a living human being. 
I remember what the ziploc bag at the end of the day looked like…tiny human parts all mixed together…then thrown into a freezer that we called “the nursery.” 
I remember the sounds of an abortion. The doctor would wait for that big suction noise. That was usually the baby’s head going through the tube. That was “the finale,” as he called it. 
I remember sterilizing instruments used during abortion procedures. One time I unwrapped the blue paper that held the dirty instruments and saw a tiny arm stuck to one of them. I quickly washed it, watching the arm go down the drain into the garbage disposal. 
I remember performing abortions the day before Christmas one year. I remember the desperation in the eyes of these women. They weren’t any more callous than the women at other times of the year…but they were more desperate. And we were there to lie to them about how selfless their abortion decision was. How they would be able to celebrate Christmas without “anyone knowing they had an abortion the day before.” 
I pray God never allows me to forget these things…these memories…these vile images. These memories keep the urgency alive in me. I hear about “burn out” in this movement, but I don’t personally understand it…not when you have seen what I have seen. 
I know that the Christmas season is about family. But we must remain vigilant during this time. We must remember these little ones who are denied their family, in the name of “choice.” We must never tire of fighting for them. We would never need a break from fighting to protect our own children. These children are ours, too…they are our brothers and sisters.”

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