A Plea To The Medical Community

Babies should not be seen as a disease, and abortion should not be seen as a treatment.
Rachel Guy
A physician goes to school to learn how to help patients.  For whatever reason, in this process, it has caused a misconstrued view of who to help and when and how much to help.  “”Medical Treatment” is defined as the management and care of a patient to combat disease or disorder.”   Yet, when it comes to the preborn child, exceptions are often made in medical care when a physician’s most vulnerable patient becomes sick and the very thing that doctors went to school for all of a sudden no longer matters due to the geographical location of the patient.  These preborn children are persons, too.  We must never view one life as less valuable than another.  This is a simple concept.  Doctors are responsible to care for patients and their view of each patient should be one of respect and recognizing the dignity of care that all/both patients deserve, in utero, outside, terminal illness, wheelchair bound, more.  The amount and method of care should not be defined by a patient’s utility.  Doctors must recognize their responsibility each day that they must stand firm in the truth  that while medicine gives limitations and they have limitations that God is not limited and they took an oath.  Doctors must see each life as distinct and valuable and worth doing the very thing that they went into medicine to do which is care for all little, small, and older patients with the best care possible.
The rationalization to take any life, specifically a preborn child’s life and call it “treatment” is unethical.  Our children, parents, grandchildren, and great grandchildren are affected by abortion.  Care should never involve a preemptive death sentence as with abortion. When one patient is helped that should not involve  the ending of the life of another patient.   The geographical location of the patient should not determine how the patient is to be cared for, or which ones.  In our medical culture often preborn babies go from being babies to being identified as a disease when they are sick in utero and what makes that even more unbelievable is the form of “fetal treatment” often recommended which is their deaths. Since when is death a treatment plan? In our medical culture there is often a view of the preborn babies that they go from being seen as babies to being identified as a disease if they become sick rather than being seen as a patient with a health concern.
When an ob/gyn is seeing a pregnant woman as the patient, the doctor is actually entrusted with the care of two patients-both the mother who carries the child and the child.  So my question to many in the medical community is that why is the preborn baby, the other patient, considered a disease when the child is sick in utero? Why is a child’s humanity stripped of him or her just because of a poor in utero diagnosis?  Regularly, when a child receives a poor in utero diagnosis that child immediately becomes a disease in the eyes of the doctor rather than one of the patients in need of care.  Often doctors identify a form of treatment for a sick child in utero as the death sentence of abortion.  In the United States, abortion is identified as a medical treatment.  Since when does it make any sense to call stopping a beating heart a form of medical care?  I challenge the medical community to really ponder this for those that practice a form of medicine that involves seeing the death sentence of abortion as a form of medical treatment to a sick child in utero.
I wondered if medical students even learn about the moral issues surrounding abortion.  Dr. Robinson, a family medicine physician and former abortionist states, “…..well first off there’s absolutely no discussion about the ethics and morality of abortion in medical school in residency…..”
Many doctors need to stop defining a child’s value by their health status.  Just because a pre born child has a poor in utero diagnosis does not mean they become that diagnosis any more than you would define a cancer patient by their cancer.  Please see the preborn children as the children that you first saw them as the day you knew of their existence and you began to make sure they were well cared for as well as the mother! I ask those in the medical field that why just because the baby is still in utero is ending that child’s life considered a form of medical care.
Why because of a child’s health status does a child go from being a patient that is being cared for to someone who is all of a sudden disposable and of lost value due to a poor in utero diagnosis?
Doctors, may I request that when a baby is sick, you see them as priceless, as wonderful and WORTH FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT FOR and not giving up on them just because they are no longer healthy!
When abortion is suggested because of a poor in utero diagnosis, my mom says that it is like a doctor telling a mother to kill her 2 year old who is diagnosed with terminal cancer just because the diagnosis is fatal. Of course, that would be sick and wrong so why just because a baby is sick inside the mother and given a poor in utero diagnosis do you,  doctors, regularly tell mothers to abort?!
May I request, that you see that preborn baby as your patient and treat that baby when sick not with a death sentence option but with all the vigor and might you would treat a patient outside of the womb who is sick.  As long as the mom is in your care, so is the baby.  Why is it if the child is sick in utero that you make them seem like a non person whose life has lost value and is no longer worth caring for by suggesting ending that child’s life?
A person does not become a disease or disability but rather a person can live with that AND that does not define them.  And treatment is the means to manage and care for a patient to combat a disease and anything that harms the patient in a way that leads to death should not be defined as a treatment option the way abortion is.   Let’s call abortion what it is-giving up.  Physicians should not go to school to give up nor are they in charge of defining someone’s value.  Our value comes from God not our health status.
Who would ever want a physician that would consider death as a treatment plan when things get rough???  If your standard of care is to give up when things get rough or look bleak, does that line up with why you went into medicine in the first place? Isn’t going into medicine to fight for those souls in the most dire situations.   I dare ask, why is this the medical field that dare states they care for the weak if you can’t bring yourself to care for the voiceless, the preborn.  So if the preborn is the patient at the beginning of the pregnancy why is that child seen as a harmful disease if sick? I merely state this as in my case  where three doctors suggested to my parents the treatment for my health issues in utero was death that countless doctors are guilty of this same “medical” advice.


Someone once said that we are taught to be God and make people rather than respect people and let God play God!

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